Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Game 76: Oakland scored more runs than the M's

I decided to start the game recap midgame. It's rare that I can stay up for a West Coast game, so it's nice that this is the garbage I am following. The way this is going, the recap would be boring anyway, so let's see if this makes it more interesting. Right now there's one out in the top of the 8th with OUR BOY Mike Morse coming to the plate.

Halley's Comet. An Adrian Beltre homerun. These are phenomena that come along rarely, so enjoy them while you can. Thank you for the 7 fantasy baseball points though Adrian.

11:48 EST-Morse is workin the count on Joe Blanton. I hate Billy Beane. I hate him for the same reason I hate the Yankees. He is a friggin genius. Blanton and Haren are better than Hudson and Mulder this year. O good-Morse got out.

11:49 EST-Ovilo Leugim is up. Yes, he's up to bat, but more importantly he's up playing in the Majors. WHY?! I love the M's philosophy-if you're young and playing well, you should go back to the minors. Screw you Rene, we're gonna keep the 41 year-old who can't hit, throw, or call a game. He's got some serious potential. Makes perfect sense. And Leugim strikes out.

11:53 EST-Franklin has "settled" after a rocky start. Nothing worse than the opposition scoring early on the M's. Although it's helpful if you have things to get done around the house. Chavez doubles. Perfect.

11:56 EST-Bobby Crosby knocks in Chavez. I was hoping Crosby would go the way of another ROY for the A's, Walt Weiss. How about Walt Weiss though? Who didn't want his, Chris Sabo's, and Jerome Walton's Upper Deck card? My favorite was Bowman though-those gigantic cards were sweet.

11:57 EST-YES! Mariner Magic MVP Ron Villone is coming in.

12:01 EST-Fairly and Dave are talking about Don Drysdale's consecutive scoreless IP streak. Yeah Ron Fairly for being in the game when the streak ended!

12:03 EST-Dave says Villone is looking for a "comfortable hole to push off". Throw the damn ball.

12:05 EST-Nick Swisher turning around to bat right handed. Why not make it interesting and turn your back to Villone. We'll even give you an extra strike.

12:09 EST-Top of the order coming up. Blanton has retired 13 straight. Here are 13 Mariners that I would like to see retire from baseball: Boone, Bloomquist, Borders, Villone, Nelson, Thornton, Boone, Boone, Boone, Boone, Boone, Boone, and Boone.

12:11 EST-An Ichiro K. Wapa!

12:12 EST-There are too many letters in Duchscherer. How is that "Doocher"?

12:12 EST-That's right Adrian. Way to reach on an error. This team just has no quit!

12:15 EST-Sexson you are garbage. Looking??!! I'm so glad I stayed up for this. At least I get to sleep in tomorrow-the joys of teaching never end.

Note: Pardon the bitterness, but this sucks.

PS-The A's will be in playoff contention come September.


  1. I didn't want to put a new post up yet, but RotoTimes has some trade thoughts:

    Trade Rumors

    It says the M's offered Winn to the Astros for Brandon Backe, but Houston passed. Backe was brilliant in the playoffs last year, but I'm not sure that he's all that great.

  2. at least when they had Lopez and Rivera up they were semi fun to wathc. Right now though, this is bad baseball and is a complete waste of time to watch yet I do everyday. I will continue to but man DO SOMETHING.

  3. Duchscherer -- It's like Worchestershire sauce. How does that ended up being pronounced "Wur-ster-shur" sauce? Beats me. At least Polish is consistantly unsensical in its pronunciation. It must be the French influence...

    I made the HUGE mistake of trading a nice blue chip stock of cards for the 89 Upper Deck "extended" set Sabo and Walton. Didn't Walt Weiss actually have an 88 Fleer card as his "rookie" card, and wasn't it like $10 at one point?

    Still got my '89 upper deck Griffey(s), though. Got them both on the same day. Too bad they've tanked a ton. I just sold my 2001 Elite Pujols on eBay -- for $225, which is actually a decent price for a card on eBay. I needed some nice speakers in my music studio, and used the dough on them. The only card I've ever sold...

    I find it very easy to ignore the games and focus on my priorities. I still am addicted to the blogs, but I'm not as addicted to the games as I once was. I'd rather mow my lawn, really.

  4. Neddy Ballgame4:32 PM

    ..its in Worcester,MAss....and Duscherer think continues the French connection started by Chris the other day

    ..gee, I have a Carlton Fisk rookie card--does that date me or what !

    ..another awful game today- another 6-2 los to Oakland --day basebnall no better than night !!! --about 67 walks by M;s pitchers ---Grover is very pissed---

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