Friday, June 03, 2005

Welcome to Mariner Magic

Travis and Mike are officially joining the Seattle Mariner blogosphere. As fun as it is to discuss the Mariners in our circle of friends, we decided it was time to hear what other people have to say about our ideas.

We are new to this and are looking to build a following here. We're not trying to outdo USSMariner, Lookout Landing, or any of the other existing blogs that provide a great outlet for so many M's fans. We just want to have a place to voice our opinions, ideas, and thoughts and engage people in thoughtful discussion about the team we love.

We plan on adding new posts on a daily basis. This will include your standard items like game recaps and roster transactions, thoughts on current Mariners news, other baseball news, and anything else we think is worth talking about.

We also will have some special feature posts. To start with, we will have a weekly feature called "The M's Need to Get....." in which we will both pick a player we think the M's should go after, and attempt to create a scenario in which it could happen. As we gain experience, we hope to add even more features.

A little about us:
Mike L-My name is Mike Laskowski. I grew up in Unicorportated King County, Washington (aka Sammamish). I spent my early baseball years idolizing Mark Langston and Alvin Davis. Then George Kenneth Griffey, Jr. entered my life. I had a real baseball hero. I was in high school during the mid-90s runs. I went to college at Penn State, but was lucky enough to be home during the summer of '01. The 2000 and 2001 ALCS losses to the Yankees were spent in my college house. Many things were thrown whenever Arthur Rhodes showed up during those series. I currently live in Baltimore and watch the latest M's versions suck from afar. I am looking forward to putting what I think into writing for others to rip apart. Go M's!

Travis- My name is Travis Goodfellow. Like Mike I grew up in Unincorporated King County, Washington however my hometown is considered Redmond. I moved to Washington in 1st grade and was not into any sports at that time. I remember moving out here and attending my first Mariners game not to long after getting settled in a new home with my family. The game holds only one memory and that is that every time Bill Spiers came to bat the fans booed louder than anything I had ever heard. This was due to his brawl instigation from the night before. After that game I attended a few more with growing intrigue. Slowly I became hooked on the team, worshipping players like Harold Reynolds, Dave Valle, Junior, Edgar, Buhner, Randy etc etc. I loved some of our rent-a-players too, David Segui was one of my personal favorites, along with the Sheriff who really is more than a rent a player. The team has been a huge part of my life for going on 20 years now, Mike and I bleed Mariner blue and have decided to put or passions into text so that others may begin to see how nuts we really are. No lets turn this team around and return to the dominance of years past, WHERE WE BELONG!!!


  1. worshiping mark langston and alvin davis huh? does that include smearing mark langston's autograph on your brother's poster? some hero worship.

    though we moved to the greater seattle metropolitan area when i was in kindergarten, i told people that i was from new york until i was in junior high school. 1989 changed all of that, when the presence of junior griffey made seattle a baseball town, and i could admit citizenship. (though to be fair, in 1987, when harold reynolds led the al in stolen bases, i was already starting to come around.) and when they finally stopped wearing clownish uniforms, i even bought a hat. eventually, i would be seen running through the streets of ann arbor, michigan screaming "the mariners win the pennant, the mariners win the pennant," after being told (incorrectly) that the angels had lost on the last day of the 1995 season; then listening over the phone to hear dave niehaus call the last inning of the game that really gave the mariners the pennant. now, i correct people who refer to my current town as washington, and not washington dc. so, it can be said that the mariners changed my life, that they made me the man that i am today. i can only hope that this blog will allow me an opportunity for further growth.

    god bless you mike and travis. and gob bless jack perconte.

  2. damnit, that's god bless jack perconte. i hate typos.


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