Friday, June 10, 2005

Game 58: Mariners 8 Marlins 0

Three weeks ago as you listened to KJR AM or read the various sporting news outlets all you would hear is let Sele go, bring up some young guy instead of trotting Sele out there. That was three weeks ago. Sele over his past 5 starts has gone a gaudy 34 and a third innings of baseball, which is almost 7 innings a start. He has a combined ERA of 1.573 and he ahs struck out 15. During this resurgence Sele has gone 3-1 and quieted his most vocal critics, i.e. Softy Softerson of KJR AM.

In last nights performance over 7 strong innings Sele scattered 5 hits and not once did a runner pass second base. This was a truly remarkable outing for a pitcher who at one point was believed to be washed up. While his curve no longer wow’s me as it did during his prior stint with the Mariners it is still effective and I can’t help but to wonder if perhaps he is taking a page out of Moyer’s book. He seems to be learning to really work with the umpire, feel him out and exploit the zones the umpire is giving for the night.

I also have to give Sexson more props. He is the most clutch hitter with runners in scoring position we have had in a long time. I cannot stress how happy I am that we signed this guy. I remember talking with Pete and Mike in the off-season and saying he is the guy I want them to get. Both Pete and Mike were on the Delgado wagon, and how can you blame them that guy is a MAN-BEAST. Of course I would have been happy with Delgado but Sexson made more sense to me since he was a local guy, hits for power in any park, and is a solid 1st basemen. And other than average, which I don’t care about from my power hitter, are Delgago’s numbers better? No they aren’t in fact Sexson, again other than average, has been one of the most productive bats in the game

Back to the game, the defense is reminding me of earlier teams, you know the Harlod Reynolds, Omar Vizquel teams. The ones that led the league year after year in Double plays turned. Last night was no exception as they turned 3 double plays to help Sele out. Morse at SS looks really good. He is a large target for Beltre and Sexson to fire at when attempting to turn DP’s.
It seems like the Mariners are really taking advantage of other teams mistakes. Juan Pierre booted Sexson’s single that allowed Beltre to score and as it turns out that was all we needed. But am I wrong in saying that I feel like the Mariners are playing really solid defense? They are hanging around games until the other team makes the mistake and then taking advantage of the opportunities given to them. If this is true, as I believe it is, it could mean that this team is poised for a serious run. The Boppers are starting to hit, the pitching is keeping us in games and out defense is very solid.

This win gave the Mariners 6 series wins over their last 8 series played. I really believe things are starting to click for these guys. It looks like they are having fun again. Smiles abound in Mariners land as we head into the Nations Capital!

Mike Morse is looking better and better everyday. Oh ya I am on the Morse Band Wagon!!!


  1. Count me in for the Morse bandwagon. I'd completely forgotten that we even had this guy, and as we seemed to be desperately scraping the bottom of the shortstop barrel, here he comes to save the day! You're right on when you say these guys seem to be having fun again. Things are starting to go right.

  2. Yeah! We're 26-32 now, not quite closing in on .500 but getting closer. Things may be starting to click a bit!

    I think that getting Pat Borders back has helped tremendously. I think he has been a good influence on our pitchers. He works well with Moyer, and Meche and Sele have both been doing a better job lately; the bullpen continues to hang in there.

    I think Beltre will gradually come around and hit 20-25 homers, and I agree that Sexson has been a good acquisition. I think his BA/OBP will gradually climb, and he is indeed good to have in the clutch.

    I love the way Morse has played so far... I've seen a few bad throws, but he's getting better with the glove. His hitting is a pleasant surprise! He is a sight better than anyone else we've tried this season, and I would bet he can hit better than Pokey Reese.

    As critical as people tend to be of Winn (seemingly always mentioning him as tradebait), the guy has been quite valuable during the past few weeks. Ibanez has had a hot bat, Ichiro has been steady. I'd like to see more offensive production from Boone, Reed and catcher, and a couple of better options than Thornton and Nelson in the bullpen... but hey, right now the team is playing pretty good baseball... and after last year? I'm not really complaining a whole lot!

  3. Travis-ever the optimist. Gotta love it. Although I don't think Beltre will be throwing the ball to Morse when turning double plays. Sele has been a pleasant surprise. Regardless of anything, he's making a great stopgap option while we wait for Felix to be ready.

    I was in full support of Sexson in the offseason, probably leaned towards Delgado because of the lefty thing. Delgado's OBP is .415, Sexson's is .360. Whatever though, Sexson has been big time. No complaints at all. Is he all-star worthy?

    I don't think Winn's name being brought up in trades is a criticism. I think it is a compliment to his game, and that he could bring in some value in a need area (ie pitching). Having said that, I'd like to see him stay.

    Last night's game was what I was hoping to see a lot of this year. Especially that 7th inning. Ichiro and Winn setting the table, and the big boppers delivering the fatal blow.

    I will be at RFK for all 3 games this weekend! I will try to get some pictures and see if we can't post them on here. Let's make in 5 series in a row!

  4. Here is a scenario Beltre snags a line drive on the fly and Morse was covering 2nd base do to the runner from 1st and second going on the pitch. Beltre fires to Morse to complete the double play. Booyaa done and done. Anything is possible Mike, the point was he is a nice big SS and that is a great thing to have.

    The Nats traded tonight’s starter just a few mins ago so now tonight’s starter opposite Joel will be Sun-Woo Kim, and if memory serves he was a Red Sox's prospect then went to the Brewers and now with the Nats. Spot starts haven't been a good thing for the Mariners in the past so we will have to see how they handle this.

  5. Actually Travis in that situation Beltre would be throwing to Sexson. The force would be off on second and he would be throwing to first to double up the guy who was running before he could get back.

    Unless there were runners on 1st AND 2nd who were both running on the pitch. But even in that case it would be Beltre covering the lead runner at 3rd. He could then throw to 2nd, but I would guess Boone is covering at that point.

    But I digress.

    I agree with your point though. If Morse pans out, and Reed continues to grow, the Freddy deal is looking better and better. Despite Ovilo Leugim

  6. Hey dudes,
    I'm in Michigan at a wedding. I went ahead and gave the espn gamecast a look this evening, and I was just in time to witness a Shiggy masterpiece. Glad I didn't have to live throught that one back home.

    I did see Sexson's monster blast on the highlights. That was pretty sweet. ...I really have no insight or inspiration, so I'm going to head back to the room.

    Let's see a couple wins this weekend and call five series wins in a row. Peace


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