Monday, June 13, 2005

Monday Reading

A few things for your reading enjoyment:

-USS Mariner has done a piece on our light-hitting RFer: I-CHI-RO!

-They also brought up the question of how to approach any moves made this year: What Would Bavasi Do?

-The Seattle P-I has Beltre likely to miss some time: This guy can't catch a break

-Also in The Seattle Times: BOONE IS A CLOWN!

-The Onion reports the Special Olympics is under fire: Performance Enhancers


  1. On Bret:

    I've never looked more forward to seeing one of my favorite Mariners replaced as in the case of our bumbling, hacking-and-missing, aw shucks second baseman. I'd love to see Jose Lopez in Seattle this week. However, I'm afraid, as with so many other pathetic Mariners in waiting, he is on the DL.

    For some reason, my Boonie switch has been flipped off - I think it happened sometime mid-May. I've defended his honor for the last time.

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