Friday, June 03, 2005

Game 53: Devil Rays 6 Mariners 1

I didn't watch this game. I didn't listen to this game. I didn't follow this game on the internet. But seriously-did I really need to? The Mariners lost 6-1 to the Devil Rays at home. 5 hits? 3 of which came from Raul Ibanez. It's astonishing tha Aaron Sele is handed the ball every 5 days and is expected to win a major league ballgame.

Well, at least Beltre went 1 for 3 instead of 1 for 4. He's coming around people!!! I have heard the argument for switching Beltre and Ibanez. That might make sense if the rest of the team weren't sucking so bad. Ibanez would get more ABs, and Beltre's obsession with getting out would be less detrimental to the team from the 5 spot. Beltre himself seems to think it's mental.


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