Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Game 56: Mariners 4 Marlins 3

Tonight defines the term ugly win. At least from the perspective of someone watching the internet updates. Seemed like neither team really wanted it. Nelson BALKED in a run. Are we in Little League? But good teams tend to pull games like this out. Does that mean the M's are a good team? Eh.....not sure yet.

Couple of highlights: Ibanez keeps coming up with big hits. I'm becoming a fan of Morse. Him and Rivera have made things interesting lately. Beltre will make me cry soon if he keeps this up.

I questioned a couple of Hargrove's decisions, as any armchair GM would, but the one that confused me the most was using Greg Dobbs to pinch-hit for Shiggy in the 8th. Reed was on the bench. Why not hit him? Dobbs is hitting a FAT .161 on the year. But, it worked out. Lucky you Grover.

Tomorrow is an intriguing matchup. Dontrelle vs. Meche. I'd love to see Meche step it up like I know he can!

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  1. Having Dobbs here just kills me! I've met the guy and chatted with him several times, and he's indeed a very likable guy. But he's not a spectacular player. Indeed Grover got lucky. I'd've used Hansen over Dobbers. In spite of coming through with the sac-fly, though, our bench still sucks.

    Bring up Christianson or Rifkin for the bench. Or sign the recently-DFA'd Josh Phelps. We need a guy who has some power from the right side. If only Leone were healthy again...

  2. The only reason they're hanging onto Dobbs has got to be because he's moderately good looking, since he lost the soul patch, and Ichiro can't be the only attractive guy on the team. I'm just sayin'.
    Anyway, I'd post my lengthy "welcome to the blogosphere" poem here but looks like someone has already done that. Hate it when I come in second. Nice to see you guys around!

  3. Comcast prevented me from watching the game last night but from what I read it sounds like things went ok. Hey its another win. Raul continues to hit the hell out of the ball, and while Eddie had a scare he got the job done. I have been looking forward to tonight's game for weeks now, It will be really cool to watch the D-Train face the M's.

  4. Moira my wife thinks Meche is good looking. If the quota is two per team, then Meche can replace Dobbs. Even more reason to get rid of his pretty ass....wait, that didn't come out right. What I meant to say was...o forget it.

  5. Anonymous2:12 PM

    Jeremy Reed is good-looking in a Matthew Perry kinda way. Sexson looks pretty good, if you're into that kind of thing.

  6. My mom is really into Dan Wilson. If I wasn't a straight-shooter, I might like Gil Meche. You know, hypothetically speaking.

    We're going to stop this line of commenting now.

  7. Someday when I get a book deal BMF, I'll explain everthing. I'd take waaayyy too long to write if I had to explain everything. I'd be happy to answer any specific questions though.


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