Wednesday, June 29, 2005

I am sorry but I really don't know what to say about that Pile

Well if we are truly show casing Moyer and Boone for a possible trade, last night surely did wonders for our benefit. Moyer gets lit up over 4 innings to a team who are in my opinion are really awful offensively. Moyer to his credit took this with class saying that the loss was his fault and no one else’s. He said in post game comments that he never gave his team a chance. While this can be considered true, even if he had given up 3-4 runs, which is a winnable game, they still would have lost.

I hate the term throwing up the white flag, but is it not time? And what’s the deal with calling up Olivo. For crying out loud did I miss something? Was Rivera playing bad? If I recall he hit his first HR the other day only to be sent down. Great way to boost a guys confidence management. I mean he is still a kid, don’t send him down while he is playing well. All that is going to do is make the kid wonder what he has to do to stay. Rivera did more than we asked and he gets sent down. I don’t know……………………

I am trying to think of a positive from yesterday……………..Ichiro hit a HR………………..Morse got to play still. That’s about it

How surprisingly good in CF has Jeremy Reed been defensively. He must have made Top plays on baseball tonight 4 times last week. He looks like a young Jim Edmonds, I thought that before I heard some commentator said it and its so true he really does look like that.
What else can we say about last night……….Nothing……………The Sonics drafted a 7’-0" French guy who is 19 so that’s good………..


  1. A steaming pile of dog poo = the team that played the Oakland Athletics last night

  2. You know I wasn't expecting playoffs, but I was hoping it would at least be fun. I hate when the offense is anemic like last night. I'd much rather lose 8 to 6 than 2 to 1.
    Hopefully they'll be fun again soon

  3. what was up with picking 2 french guys in the same draft? are they trying to collect the softest big men in the nba? is nate coming back? okay, sorry questions for a different blog.

  4. And I thought the Lawrence Roberts pick was great.....until they traded it.

    Apparantly the 2nd round French guy is under contract in Europe through this year anyway, so we won't see him till 06-07.

  5. Neddy Ballgame6:46 PM

    Mon Dieu--all this talk about the Frogs---Monsieur Moyer and compagnie may end up like French/Freedom Fries if they don't perk up.....

  6. Hargrove did the same thing in Baltimore. The man is scared to go with any new talent. That 'problem' is what ended up costing him his job.

  7. i thought the lawrence roberts pick was good too - just like i thought the bobby jackson pick was great till the traded it away.


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