Sunday, June 12, 2005

Game 60: Nationals 2 Mariners 1 and Game 61 Nationals 3 Mariners 2

O FOR 6!!!!! I've been to 6 Mariners games this year. Add this sweep to the Orioles sweep I witnessed a few weeks back and I have seen 6 losses.

Morse is sucking defensively. He also struck out three times today. But there's something about him you just can't help liking. My mom is a big fan.

Beltre gets two doubles in today's game. And what happens? He is Day-to-Day.

Crap! The Nationals are hot. What can you say?

I don't feel like saying anything more. Perhaps my colleagues and you all in the blog universe would like to add something else.


  1. Mike,

    Don't blame yourself, blame the product on the field, heh.

    BTW, I've linked your site to Sports And Bremertonians, in case you haven't noticed. Keep up the good work.

  2. I had busy weekend making it very difficult to catch any of the games this time around. From the looks of it we got solid starting pitching and minimal offensive output.

    They just ran into an extremely hot team. Lot of talent there. Now its home and the return of Cami!!! Do you think we could convince him to stay and roam the Safe's outfield again? I miss that guy. We could move Reed to left and trade randy for a pitcher. It won't happen but it’s nice to dream.


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