Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Game 68: A's 4 M's 2

I thought I'd summarize last night's game from a musical perspective. Here are the songs that sum up the themes of Game 68:

"Back to Life, Back to Reality"by Soul II Soul-After tearing up interleague play, the Mariners came back to the AL and have lost 2 straight to a last place team.

"Double Trouble" by Otis Rush-Richie Sexson hit into two rally-killing double plays.

"Truckin" by The Grateful Dead-Adrian Beltre continues to slowly get himself together. An RBI, and another walk. He is taking a page from Guns N Roses book and showing more "Patience" at the plate.

"Young at Heart" by Frank Sinatra. OK I can't stand Sinatra, but I wanted to give the kids a shout out. Lopez/Reed/Morse went a combined 2-for-9 with an RBI and walk. Ol' Man River Borders got the start over Rivera though.

A tough couple of days for Mariners fans after coming off the Mets sweep. But, Mama Said There'll be Days Like This


  1. Mike- I love it. Awesome game summary. I'm not sure I have the breadth of music knowledge for such a riveting musical wrap-up. I like that it can really jazz up a boring loss and make it look like it was a perfectly worthwhile, interesting contest.

    Rock on

  2. Don't be fooled by my musical knowledge Pete. I found that Otis Rush song by googling "Song: Double Trouble". Who is Otis Rush anyway? I wouldn't know Otis Rush if he walked into my house wearing a sign that said My Name is Otis Rush.

  3. Haha!

    Yes! That is the kind of fuzzy, fakin-it reporting we need to pride ourselves by here at Mariner Magic.

    If I can't admire your musical knowledge, I will praise your superb haphazardness.

  4. i love that soul 2 soul song - classic tfa slideshow material!


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