Thursday, June 09, 2005


The M's traded Wilson Valdez to the Padres for RHP Michael Bumstead and RHP R.D. Spiehs. They're both AAA relievers but, more importantly, they are 2 human beings. This may be Bavasi's shining moment. He got two people for Valdez.

Also...the Rangers designated Ryan Drese for assignment. He was their Opening Day starter. I'd at least take him over Sele.


  1. Or not. Sele shutting down the Marlins. 77 pitches through 7. OK

  2. Sele actually got his ERA under 4.00 (I think it's now 3.99!)

    Drese was 4-6 with a 6.46 ERA for the Rangers, with a 1.72 WHIP and a .334 BAA. 69.2 IP, 96 hits allowed... 5 HR allowed isn't too awfully bad, and neither is 24 BB, but he only struck out 20.

    He only just turned 29, and that might be in his favor... but for his career he's only 31-31 with a 5.36 ERA, 1.57 WHIP and .301 BAA in 497.1 IP. Personally, I wouldn't sign the guy unless we were able to sign him for the minimum or thereabouts, and he was signed not as a remedy for the M's rotation, but as a back-up arm, pitching in Tacoma. If we could do that, and if he can work out some of his kinks in AAA, he might not be a bad idea... but he looks like another Kevin Jarvis to me!

    I'll have to look up the guys we got for Valdez. I haven't heard of either one of them.

    And I agree with you big-time about Sherrill... Every time I see Matt Thornton take the mound, I think "What gives?"

  3. Hmmm... actually they both look like 5.00-ERA guys with WHIPS around 1.60-1.70, but hey, you are right! We were able to get two pitchers for someone the Mets cut loose, who didn't cost us much to sign, and who batted .200 with the M's. Bumstead is 27 and was assigned to Tacoma, while Spiehs (25) was sent to San Antonio.

    But hey, nothing ventured, nothing gained! Maybe the Mariners saw Bumstead and Spiehs during spring training and know a little about them.

    I noticed Sherrill is on the DL. What's his injury?

    I think Bavasi is gradually getting better at signing and dealing. What do you think the M's will be doing as the trading deadline approaches?

  4. Joe C.6:43 AM

    Why not see if Drese can be a good bullpen guy? Pick him up, let Jeff "I can turn a two run lead into a one run lead" Nelson go.

  5. That wouldn't necessarily be a bad idea... I don't get to see a lot of Mariner games on the tube, but the last couple of games I've seen Nelson, he has been terrible.


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