Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Ninja Set-Up Man

Here at Mariner Magic, we seemingly grumble hourly about the M's bullpen: "Grumble grumble Thornton...Nellie!! GRUMBLEGRUMBLE!!...Oh, Villooonne, Bullgrumble!"

However, 20 days from now, all grumbling may subside. I think I can speak for my two cohorts - I probably don't even have to ask - when I say that the unanimous Refusing To Lose bullpen favorite is none other than Rafael "No, not the Ninja Turtle with the red mask, the pitcher" Soriano. He's on the fast track, says the Seattle P-I. And he's coming to an Everett outdoor baseball facility near you.

Our fireballing boy wonder tossed his final simulated game yesterday. [Does that mean he played Nintendo against trainer Rick Griffin? And if so, was it RBI Baseball on the original, or Ken Griffey Jr. on Super?]

Get this: he looked so good against Hansen, Bloomquist and Borders that they immediately put the 20-day minor league rehabilitation phase in motion. Enough said.

My understatement quote of the week is from the newbie catcher, Rene Rivera: "It's better to catch him than to hit against him." Love that.

Soriano, Putz and Mateo are half of the future of the Mariners' bullpen. Mateo might be the top long reliever in the game. Putz and Soriano have the heaters for the back end. One will close (probably Soriano), and one will be the primary set-up man. Throw in a situational lefty (possibly Sherrill), and you have a good, young foundation.

But that's beside the point. With Raffy on the mend, we're going to have to step up the quantity and quality of our bullpen grumblings over the next few weeks...


  1. Pete you're good. Wow. I just tooted your horn at Lookout Landing

  2. Pete you continue to impress me with your writing. Very good man!!!

  3. Yes we are certainly bullpen haters here, but they are an easy target.

    Turtles in a half shell! Turtle Power! Do we need to rename this blog Turtle Magic?

    I was always a Donatello fan myself. Especially on the video game, his big stick (whatever the technical name is slipping my mind) would tear up Shredder's henchmen.

  4. Putz, Soriano, and Mateo? That's only 1/3 of a bullpen in Hargrove's world! Not quite the "nasty boys", but I'll take it!

  5. Neddy Ballgame11:10 AM

    OK.OK ..where do I find historical background on the Nonjas so I can catch up and understand what's goign on---I'm probably the oldest viewer of your blog and out of dae re: Ninjadom

    ..the NAsty Boys I know about,though

    ..Mikey as a cucumber in the 9th last night ..and Sexson doesn't hit nto a douible play in 12th---maybe this is a sign--first win when trailing after 8 innings..may be jsut what the dr. ordered--even Boone got a hit

  6. I really liked Leonardo - the blue one. I forget why, but I think he brandished those dual longswords.

    Mmmm, thinking of that show makes me hungry for pizza....


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