Monday, June 20, 2005

Reading and Readers

In an act of unforgivable plaigarism, everyone's favorite Seattle writer, Art Thiel, waxes on similarly to Refusing To Lose on those Mariner Munchkins. ...Mariner Munchkins is a bit of a stretch, isn't it? It's not as if you can picture Mike Morse and Jose Lopez holding those big lollyipops, clicking their heels together, and singing about the Lollipop Guild. ...Well, maybe Jeremy Reed. We'll work on that here at Mariner Magic, and get back to you.

Speaking of "you," our dear reader(s?), I think it's time to start giving back to you guy(s?). Here's what I'm going to do, given our modest budget here at Mariner Magic:

If one of the Refusing To Lose faithful happens through the site before the end of the Seattle business day (let's say, 4:15), and comments on either this entry, or the one entitled "Game 66: Sweep! ...A New Era", I will dedicate a 100-word post to his or her overall greatness. The comment must be Mariner-related. But let's just say, he or she will be feeling pretty good about themselves after they read this loving, appreciative ode to a loyal reader.

We'll see how this goes, and then decide whether to continue it as a regular Mariner Magic promotional stunt.


  1. So who's the winner PWhit? I assume I don't qualify. Looks like Snave got there first, but fauxturtle was VERY complimentary.

  2. Who will be the first of the Four Horseman, The Young Bucks, the Warriors of the Formative Years, to hit a bump in the road? And how will he react?

    I guess it's been Reed already this year though. But like Thiel says, he's old anyway.

  3. Yes, I believe Fauxturtle's post has outshined the rest of the sea that is our readers. Look for his reward by the end of the business day.

    ...if not, after the game.

  4. you guys are pulling in some new faces - i'm impressed - mike you need to put that advertising degree to work and then you all can quit your jobs. but, where was the story on michigan softball's national championship? first team east of the mississippi to win it all. must be that west coast media bias.

    i'm happy to read that boone isn't going to be starting - mariner magic you made my day. now, can we just get his frosted hair and dip bulge out of seattle again?

  5. Oh man, my computer overheats for one day and I miss my shot at being immortalized by the Mariner Magic literati! What a world, what a world...


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