Monday, June 06, 2005

Draft Day!

The Mariners hold the 3rd overall pick in this year's draft, being held tomorrow. With a pick that high, you go for best player available. There are rumors flying all over the place. Baseball America has the Diamondbacks taking Justin Upton. USS Mariner has posted rumors that the Diamondbacks will go pitching. John Sickels has been running this mock draft on his site, which has the M's taking Long Beach State SS Troy Tulowitzki.

If the Diamondbacks take a pitcher, then it is likely that the M's will take either Upton, or University of Nebraska 3B Alex Gordon. If Gordon and Upton are gone, then it's likely Tulowitzki. The top pitchers available are righties Mike Pelfrey of Wichita State, Craig Hansen from St. John's, and Luke Hochever from U. of Tennessee. The M's really can't go wrong with any of those guys. I say go with a position player, but the nice thing about those pitchers is they are all college pitchers, who have a much higher success rate in the majors.

Let's just hope they don't do something stupid.


  1. Seattle times has an article up in which My boy Richie has a great comment. "Get a college pitcher that will be ready in a year, Make sure you write that." How can you not love that comment. I am making a motion to make this the official Richie Sexson fan club site. Just Kidding but honestly this guy continues to impress me day after day.

    I know baseball drafts go more with the best player available rather than need but in the mariners case don't they have enough SS in the system? I agree with my boy, get an arm that can help you next year. If that doesn't work out take a good long look at USC catcher Mike Clement. Rumors are that he is much like Piazza, average at best defensively but a good offensive talent.

  2. Well Mike and Trav, looks like the M's selected the catcher from USC. I was hoping for Alex Gordon, who we could have plugged in the 3-hole and left field or DH next year. Damn. Do you guys think this means they've given up on Olivo? If so, hopefully Olivo can still start producing, so he could be used as trade bait for a pitcher. Cool blog! I really feel it has the potential to become the pre-eminent, authoritative long-relief pitcher equivalent of M's blogs in all of cyberspace.

  3. So we get teh USC catcher as Travis sugested--resume reads well--while probably a few years away from the show (think Jason Varitek---oh,no on second thought DON'T think Jason Varitek) could push the others in front of him if he is as good as the scouting staff believes.

    ..Oh my God--just hit me that Moyer leads the staff in K's--we are in a world of hurt aren't we--
    Felix now,right?

  4. i read his name wrong its Jeff Clement I dunno where i got mike from, my bad, anyway he is who I thoughtthey would take if they didn't get a shot at the top two, Upton and Gordon, or if they didnt go Pitching, so really he was my 4th choice for them but all in all I think a good pick. Lets face it Dan can't catch anymore, I think he is done, and we don't have anyone else. They don't seem to want to give Ryan Christensen a shot so maybe this was the correct way to go.

  5. Damn Trav good call. I hadn't even heard him mentioned until today.


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