Friday, February 08, 2008


It's been a long time folks. A long time. I wanted to wait until this trade was official, and it finally looks like it is. Erik Bedard is a Mariner. And I think that's cool. But, I don't think I like this trade. I know
Lookout Landing doesn't, and I know USS Mariner doesn't. And I know they know more about baseball than I do. But, I don't need an expert understanding of the game to see why this trade wasn't a good idea. Erik Bedard is awesome. He's filthy. Nasty. Sick. Pitches well. But not worth your best prospect, best left-handed reliever, and three other prospects. And even if he is worth all of that, he's not worth it to the M's. This trade has been hashed and rehashed, prehashed, then hashed again so I don't want to go on and on about it. But, here are my reasons, in brief, why I'm not a fan of this trade:

1. The Mariners aren't an Erik Bedard away from competing with Boston, Cleveland, Detroit, or Anaheim. This isn't like the Sox trading Hanley Ramirez to get Josh Beckett. The lineup is terrible, the outfield defense is going to be bad, and now the bullpen takes a hit. Plus, the rest of the rotation is mediocre at best.

2. The timing makes no sense. Why trade Jones now? One thing Bavasi has done pretty well is build up the farm system. Jones is ready, Clement and Balentin are close, and Morrow is at least contributing in the bullpen. So why send away all this young talent when it's on the verge of makin an impact? I didn't like Stand Pat Gillick's non-moves in the summers 2001-2003, but I think this is the other end of the spectrum.

Ok, that's really it. It's not that I don't like Erik Bedard. I think he's the best player Bavasi has signed or traded for. I think Bedard and Felix at the top of the rotation is going to be amazing. If the M's find a way to make it to the playoffs, Bedard and Felix with Putz waiting in the bullpen? Incredible, no doubt. But, I just don't think they're going to make it that far. Unless, of course, they decide to move Morrow, Clement and Balentin to get a big bat or two. I hope I'm wrong and Bedard and Felix are co-MVPs of the World Series this year, but we'll see.

Don't get me wrong. I don't hate the trade. I mean Bavasi's done worse. A lot worse. And I'm really excited that we have Erik Bedard on our side. But, I'm not sold on this as being a good idea.

Thoughts loyal three readers?