Saturday, June 11, 2005

Game 59: Nationals 9 Mariners 3

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What a suckfest. I witnessed this game in RFK. If you've been to Riverfront, The Vet, Three Rivers, or Busch, you've been to RFK. People can say what they want about the Vet and other crappy stadiums, but nothing even touches the Kingdome. Take all the crappiness of the ashtray cookie-cutter stadiums, and put a roof on top.

Now to the game. Things were looking really good for 6 innings. Joel pitched well, and the M's were capitalizing on the Nationals mistakes. The M's looked like the superior team. The Sexson blast was mammoth. People there were saying that's the longest one they've seen in that stadium.

Oh but then came the 8th inning. This wasn't a bullpen explosion. This was bullpen nuclear holocaust. We left after Thornton walked in his 2nd straight man with the bases loaded.

Before that happened, there were a couple of rookie mistakes. Up 3-2, Villone had two chances to get out of the 7th. First Rivera dropped a foul tip strike three, then Morse double-clutched out number three, letting the tying run score. Morse looked pretty nifty around the bag (that sentence dripped with cliche) on an earlier double play, and actually made the hard part of the play in the 7th. He made a nice grab in the hole, but you could just see he wanted to get that third out so badly he rushed it. His 3 hits were of course nice to see.

My brother pointed out that the starting battery was "Joel" and "Rene".

Beltre looked like crap at the plate. I have received a request for more links on the blog, so here is a Los Angeles Times article about Beltre and his sadness. He's a good guy, and it'd be great to see him get going.

Want more links? You got it! Here's the crapbag ESPN Box Score

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