Saturday, June 04, 2005

Game 54: Mariners 6 Devil Rays 5

What a weird night. The M's were getting breaks all over the place. What's that all about?

Good to see Joel pitch well. Him and Meche need to keep going out there and working out there issues. They are young and talented, and can be a big part of the M's future. Ron Villone was awful. He's doing this year what Shiggy did last year after a good season. It's a crime that all those runs were charged to Joel.

I feel bad for Lou. It's not like when he came to Seattle and was able to be part of a team that was building. The DRays are going nowhere in that division. Maybe he can scout Florida for the M's or something.

Here's the Box Score


  1. A lucky break = a win for the M's. If that ball isn’t over run we probably lose that game. Something to take from this game was Joel going 6.1 innings and looked for the most part strong. Eddie really is nasty too. I love his mentality, hit this if you can cause I am coming right after you. Oh and has there been a hotter hitter than Raul over the past few weeks. From 5/22 through today Raul is hitting a robust .473. He must be seeing the ball well.
    Something I took from Friday nights game, the only good thing, was Morse and his fake cut off, that was really a nice play and just helps to show a glimpse of what he may become.

    Hey though what have them M's won, something like 7 of there last 11 or something, starting to pull it together I think!!!

  2. Raul has been a beast for sure. I keep hearing move him to 3 in the order. I wonder if that would throw him off. Would he feel more pressure to perform from that spot?

  3. Neddy Ballgame9:16 AM

    Leave Raoul where he is --Adrian is a #3 hitter and will be OK --he and Sexson and Boone all got 2 hits in a game for the first time on Sunday--a breakout--who knows, but Raoul is comfortable batting fifth--does anyone else think "Edgar" ( no disrespect to 'gar) in that Ibanez could be a good long term DH for the M's

    Sexson smacks himsel in helmet 3 times with bat after striking out with bases loaded then smashes bat to bits in dugout--that' the spirit !!


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