Friday, June 24, 2005

Game review, Anyone Angry?

There were some major things about yesterday’s game that need to be addressed. I am officially opening a venting post. This is not so much a game recap post as it is a way for me to just rid myself of pure anger. Lets take a look at some numbers shall we………… Kirk "Freakin" Saarloos over his last 6 starts has gone roughly 5 innings a start, and has struck out a combined total of 2 people. This season in 75 innings pitched Mr. Saarloos has struck out 21 people. Yesterday afternoon not only did Saarloos break his average innings pitched by throwing a complete game, but he struck out a 1/3 of his total strikeouts for the year. He struck out 7 Mariners. That is so unacceptable. This is a number 5 starter. He brings nothing mysterious to the mound. He doesn’t have anything dazzling. His game is to let his defense play behind him and let the bitters hit. Some would say he pitched a beautiful game, however I will not concede that. I feel it was more of what the Mariners didn’t do than anything else.

Richie, I love you man, but your performance yesterday was flat out embarrassing. You struck out 4 times man. That’s is totally unacceptable. You make it very hard for me to defend you to my friends and colleagues when you have performances like yesterday.
This type of thing happens to the Mariners more than any other team. How often do we see an upcoming match-up against a pitcher generally unheard of and then go on to see that Pitcher go 7+ innings of dominating baseball. Then follow that pitcher in his next few starts and watch him get lit up repeatedly.

Talking with Pete yesterday he brought up a good point. Perhaps it is our advanced scouting. I mean this happens all the time. Are our scouts just sloshed when they look at the opposing pitchers. I mean for 8 bucks a beer and the reports the Mariners are getting from their scouts we are way overpaying them!!!! Am I wrong here, am I the only one who thinks this happens to the Mariners an awful lot. And am I the only one who is sick of it?!?!?!?!?!

A second note concerns our pitcher Ryan Franklin. I know he is not a stud pitcher. But lets face it he is a number 5 and more often than not he pitches well enough to win. I am also getting tired of this guy getting ripped and beating in the press and in social mariner groups. Franky gets no run support and hasn’t for 2 ½ years. Franklin has been good about his comments about how bad the offense has been for his starts, yesterday I think he vented a bit. "I could've gone nine innings and given up one run -- doesn't matter, We'd still lose." Franky said. And you know what? Is that untrue? I don’t think so they guy gets a horrendous 2.36 run support per 9 innings. Don’t hate on Franky for his comments, He is a number 5 pitcher and a good one at that. He has every right to be frustrated with the lack of support he receives. He has kept his frustration in check for 2 years now let him vent a bit.

I want to hear what the Mariner Magic faithful have to say on both the Franky front, and the abysmal performance that was yesterdays game. It seems like every time they start to put things together they go and do this……………


  1. Neddy Ballgame9:21 AM

    Can we hear a big .."Amen!" ..for Travis' comments....offense was supposed to have been fixed with the new corner infielders--what do we call 4 K's-the Golden Sombrero or something like that--I think Grover needs to overturn the buffet table inthe Clubhouse and rant and rave--the young kids will be awe struck and the vets mayh get hte message --you stink up the place right now and you'd better get onthe stick or more Tacomans will be seeing the bright lights od Seattle !!!

  2. aaaarrrrgh!could someone PLEASE get these "veterans" to play like the newbies?! do they understand that winning against teams in their own division will sort of help in the standings? they remember they are playing in their own ballpark? aren't these some fundamentals? doesn't sexson get what he was hired for? aaaarrrrgh!!

    yes, yes, yes....franklin ought to be blowing up like mt. st. helens....he is doing his let's see these offensive (and are they ever) players do theirs.aaaaarrrrgh!!

  3. Mike L12:15 PM

    Has there been a more frustrating team to follow since October 2001 than the Seattle Mariners?

  4. Neddy Ballgame3:32 PM

    4 K's ..and then he gets suspended for 2 games because of ANOTHER K !!!!!!!

  5. Mike L9:18 PM

    Can the Mariners move to the NL....seriously.

  6. I'm so with you man. You tend to be a lot easier on Sexson than I, and I know he does come through sometimes, but then things like this happen. I'm having a hard time liking this kid, and I was so ready to, even when everyone was bitching about how we overpaid for him. I also agree that Hargrove needs to go Pompeii at some point here. Games like this just suck the love out of the fanbase.

  7. I guess that's Kirk "Cy Young" Saarloos to the M's... arrrgh.

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