Tuesday, June 28, 2005


I am sorry for the lack of Info over the past few days. Two members of our Mariner Magic Panel are out of town and that leave Big daddy to hold down the fort. I unfortunately had a bit of Family trauma lately and have needed to support my mother through a very hard time for her. Needless to say I just wanted to say that no we have not gone and yes things will return to normal this week.

Last night, for those of you that live in Seattle, FSN did something wonderful for us. They re-ran the entire Game 5 1995 Yankee's-Mariners Series. It was incredible to see that again. Very funny hearing the announcers talk about up and coming players Like A-rod, Jorge Posada, Mariano Rivera and Derek Jeter. I have this game now recorded through friends and it will be a tape I hold onto for the rest of my life. If any lady is every lucky enough to tie big daddy down and have a family this is a game I would love to be able to share with my son.

Anyway Trade rumors abound and as soon as anything falls through rest assured that we here at mariner magic will bring you the details as they happen. It is my personal feeling that anything you can get for Boone is a positive since he walks at the end of the year anyway. Names swirling around seem to be the aforementioned Boone, Moyer and Winn. All guys I like but all guys I have no problem moving to better our, the mariners, future.

Game review coming tonight as the Mariners stumble into Oakland.


  1. Neddy Ballgame10:27 AM

    ..agree, the MAgic of 1995 was great to watch again---and Junior charging around the bases is a sight to behold --as "Maaah" said to me ,you had to be there to get the full flavor of it --and she WAS at the game ......we need a celebration in Seattle --2001 is long gone and is been a challenge ever since..hopefully Bill and company wil make the moves--its not like they'd be breaking up that old gang of mine--there is no old gang anymore...let's establosh a NEW gang--Morse et al can be the nucleus..thansk Travis for coming back online- we were worried about Mariners MAgic--hope all is Ok wiht family

  2. From an outsider's perspective, the reliving of 1995 probably looks pathetic. I mean we're talking about a team that lost in the ALCS. But there are just so many factors that make that run special-the team sucking for so long, coming back from 12 games on the Angels, Griffey coming back from injury, the team almost having to leave Seattle, the one-game playoff, taking down the NEW YORK YANKEES, etc.

    1995 should always be cherished, but neddyballgame is right. We need a celebration. 1995 was special because it was the first playoff run ever. Now it's time for a championship. That should be the one and only goal. Build a team that can win the World Series. That's not happening this year, so make moves to make that happen in the future.

    I'm all about getting rid of Boone, but I've heard this thought being tossed around-could we get a compensation pick in next year's draft if someone else signs him in the offseason? We may get a better player that way than through a trade. Plus, Boone could eat some ABs while Lopez develops. Just a thought. I'd love to see his frosted tips, bat flip, and moronic 2-strike stance in another uniform.

  3. 1995 was also great because they beat the yankees. but, it would be nice if they could add to the highlight reel with at least an al pennant. 2001 wasnt even as exciting as 1995, watching the playoffs you knew that the yankees were going to beat them and make the regular season irrelevant (plus i was really pissed because the $100 i put down in vegas would have turned into over $3k if they had won the world series). i do think that they are on the right track though, they got real old, real fast - but they are starting to build around a young nucleus, and young pitching - im optimistic.


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