Monday, June 06, 2005

Game 55 Mariners 6 D-Ray's 5

What can you say about this game? Moyer starts out and looked awful for the first few innings then proceeds to cruise through 6 innings striking out 6 in 126 pitches. That’s really not that many pitches for a guy like Moyer, he really doesn’t have the same amount of stress on his arm that other guys would have. It was good to see the "Money Boys" ie Richie and Adrian come through in the 9th. Beltre nabbing his 1000th career hit, which he was apparently unaware of. And then Richie doing what he does best, driving in runs. Richie has been worth every penny that the mariners spent on him this past off-season. Some complain about his average, but how can you argue with your number 4 batter hitting 13 HR and driving in 44 RBI’s. That’s MONEY WELL SPENT end of story. I for one could care less that he is hitting .250. Keep it up Richie!!!

At the end of the day the Mariners have won 3 straight series and 7 of their last 9. That my friends looks to me like things are getting better. This upcoming series will be tough, check back later for a preview of the Mariners Marlins series as I break down the pitching match-ups which look to be simply incredible!! Start Morse more get the man some reps!!!

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  1. Not only 3 series in a row, but 5 of the last 7 series since they lost 10 of 11 in early May. That's worth, I don't know, something. Marlins series will be tough though, as will the Nationals series (which I'll be at!)

    Agree on Sexson. The guy's on pace for 39 HR, 132 RBI, 102 BB, and 111 R. His OPS is around his career level. Stop hatin' on the BA.


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