Friday, July 01, 2005


Beltre 3 errors on the field. Meche and the rest of the staff decides to walk everyone in the A' line-up. You know its going bad when your closer comes in a blowout game because he "Needs Work". This is just bad baseball folk’s. The games are not fun to watch or listen too.

They announced on ESPN that the Giants might be Shopping Jason Schmidt. I was all fired up but then the announced the teams showing interest, and guess what thee mariners were not one of them. He is local guy and a dominant number one starter but no apparently that’s the wrong direction the mariners are going. Pick it up Bill. We need help and there are options out there. I like AJ burnett too but I hear he might want 10 mill a year and frankly he is not worth that kind of money. Ill take him for 5-6 mill but 10 is defiantly over paying for him.

Seriously though what am I suppose to say about the recent Mariner games. They are playing Olivo again which pisses me off. I need to stay positive though I love this team and I have to keep faith that they will fix this............


  1. There's no reason we shouldn't be in the Jason Schmidt sweepstakes. What-are only contenders allowed to get the big names at the deadline. I don't think the Giants really care if they trade to a contender anyway.

    Maybe Bavasi is just being quiet. Ever since the Freddy trade, I have been happy with his moves.

    I've heard the Giants want three prospects for Schmidt.

  2. 3 prospects, lets give them olivo a young catcher which they need, one of our shortstops, and randy winn, winn not a prospect but whatever, maybe give them one of the major league ready arms we supposedly have

  3. Speaking of Freddy....the joy of watching him blow up is about all we are missing from the past couple of years. I guess there is plenty else to keep us disappointed.

    Re trades: Keep your hands off Mike Morse!!

  4. Neddy Ballgame12:57 PM you recall we though we were in the hunt for Schmidt a couple of seasomjns ago --hwe didn't want to come here--if I recall our money was OK--that was before your good buddy Bill B. was inc harge ,though


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