Friday, July 15, 2005

1st game back, Reverting to old stuff

The game started out with promise. Willie drove in one and then 2 errors, one on the same play as his hit, allowed two more runs to score. I remember sitting there thinking this is great they are capitalizing on other teams error's and keeping the pressure on. Sele then proceeded to do what the Mariners pitching staff has done all too often, fail to protect a lead. Sure he went up there the next inning and shut them down but after that the O's were able to score in consecutive innings for 3 straight, while the Mariners were yet again shut down by a .500 pitcher.

It’s really sad how they make most of these .500 or sub .500 pitchers look like dominant all-stars. I mean last night a 7-7 4.70 era Daniel Cabrera just manhandled the Mariners. If it were not for a few errors on throws from his infielders he would have only given up 1 run. He gave up 2 hits............ are you kidding me, am I reading this right we got two freakin hits!!!! You know who else only allowed 2 hits last night? Rich harden who had a perfect game going into the 8th inning. That was Daniel Cabrera's equal last night. Reading the box score is just making me angry.

Other things of note, Boone struck out in his first AB as a twin, looking I might add then proceeded to fly out in his last 3 AB's. Not a great Debut but it of course could have been worse.

Palmeiro as everyone knows is seeking 3000 hits, and got a bit closer last night with a single to right field. The crowed boo'd as Palmeiro walked in his following AB and boo'd again as Palmeiro was left in the one Deck circle in the top of the 9th. Palmeiro has destroyed the mariners over the years so if I had to bet he is going to hit his 3,000 tonight. It will be a good moment and something that should be recognized with respect, which I am sure it will.

Tonight’s game features Pinero vrs Lopez in a dynamic pitching match-up that rivals the likes of Clemans vrs Johnson, or The D-train vrs say Prior.........................well I can dream can't I.

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  1. Cabrera can be dominant at times.He was hitting 99 at times Thursday night. He struck out 12 or 13 Twins earlier in the year. He can also lose control. Of course he has dominated the M's both times he's faced them this year. He deserves some credit, but this is more of the same from the M's. Something about the approach to these young pitchers has to change.


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