Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Game 93: Jays 9, Mariners 4


I'd love to say that Ryan Franklin overcame a 10-day layover, and continued his excellent July. However, the only excellent thing about his start was his uncanny ability to overcome Mike Morse errors by giving up homeruns. It seems he saw Aaron Sele's start, and thought he could match it. "Heck, I could do better!" 5.2 innings, 8 runs, 2 homers.

Unfortunately, Franklin wasted four runs of support - that's three starts in a row with at least four - and three (3!!!!) homeruns for the second consecutive game. The final would have been much closer were it not for a handful of spectacular plays from Toronto's defense. Orlando Hudson was especially thornish, squelching a couple of possible rallies.

Ibanez put up the first run with a nice blast. He might even get to 20 this year. Sexson and Spiezio went back-to-back in the eighth. Richie's was a moonshot off the upperdeck in left.

The fact the M's enter the series finale down oh-two would be pretty depressing, except six home runs in two days for this team is enough to ignore the pitching woes for one day and throw a party!

I'm gonna bust open a pop (spoken like a true Northwesterner) and toast the offense. Way to go dudes!


  1. Sometimes Franky makes it very hard for me to defend him. I like Franklin but last night he was awful.

    I saw Morse make one solid stop up the middle in the 5th I think but your right he did have a few botched plays. Neverless "OUR BOY" here at Mariner Magic will remain Morse as we pull for him to continue his success.

    I ready for call-ups on the pitching staff now Bill I hope you read us. Lofty thinking but still.

  2. Yeah, I'm ready to see Baek and Campillo. We'll probably have to wait until August and September though. You never know though...seems like none of the starters are untouchable as far as trades go. I could see any of them being traded. I'd prefer to keep the young ones. Sele and Moyer can go any time.

    Don't worry, I'm not down on Morse. I just would prefer a veteran pitcher buckle down and overcome a couple of rookie errors.

  3. Since I'm on the East Coast, I'll raise my soda to the offense. This is what I was expecting to see this season. Lots of offense, and weak starting pitching. In the Seattle Times today, they posted this poll about Gil Meche:

    Also-Campillo is rehabbing right now, so we won't see him for a little while either.

  4. Jason Stark, I reference him a lot, says that The Yankee's are really intrested in Winn. I just dont know what they will give us for him.

  5. Neddy Ballgame1:04 PM

    ...Maaah loves Mikey Morse.but he makes another bonehead throwing (seems to be more throwing than fielding errors for him) error in todays early game..thnk he's feeling pressure and rushing things-..getting swept by the Blue Jays puts even more pressure on front office to let this season go--Hargrove not ready but nad most of us who are fans are never really rady ---look at 1995 look at Bosox in ALCS last year ..OVER...OVER..?..its only over when we say its over--getting close to that declaration


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