Friday, July 29, 2005

Game 101 Indians 6 Mariners 5

I decided to write the most boring recap ever.

Migeul Olivo homered. The ball went really far.
Gil Meche left early with shoulder tightness. I bet that hurts.
Yuniesky Betancourt tripled in his first major league at bat. That's really neat.
The Mariners used 6 pitchers. Boy, that sure is a lot of pitchers.
The Mariners scored 3 runs in the seventh to tie. The Indians won though. Shucks.


  1. The game last night was typical. Pete called me when Meche got taken out, he was like was he traded where did he go!!! I heard Niehaus say that he had stiffness in his shoulder though so no luck on a trade.

    What’s the difference between stiffness and Tightness anyway? I hear trainers’ use both terms but I think it means the same thing, and they are just trying to glorify a simple injury. I digress.

    Just a not on the Clement thing. Is that their everyday Uniform? Or was there some sort of special jersey night going on. If that’s their real uniform then that my friend’s is incredibly lame.

    Just as lame as the promotion that went on last night at the Safe. I kid you not it was bring your knitting yarn and knit at the ballpark. Have we become completely vaginized here in the northwest??? I am so sick of some of the stupid things that go on in this area. It makes me want to puke

  2. "vaginized"? is that really a word? i think it's a matter of whatever will sell tickets. how about a good team? that would do it.

    at least if the games aren't fun, the blog can be.

  3. It's a word I made up. I know its a bit extreme and I apologize, but that being said where is the correlation with knitting and baseball.

    Side note Tomorrow night in Tacoma is Felix Bronze Statue night!!! I am hopefully I can get down there and snag one of those babies!!! Now that’s a promotion lol

  4. You better get on that. That statue could be a serious collector's item in 35 years. You know, when we have wireless Internet connections in our arms and stuff. YOu can sell it on "Ebay 8"

  5. Neddy Ballgame7:06 PM

    ..glad you all have senses of humor --vaginized,though?!?!?...but also where is the correlation with Matt Thornton and baseball !!??.. ...wireless internet in arms.......Pat Borders is finally gone--no more battery trivia about him and Jamie....John Olerud hits grnad slam for Sox tonight..just random tjhoughts...

  6. Neddy Ballgame7:08 PM

    ..Jesus H. Christ...Grady Sizemore hits leadoff HR off Sele tongiht !!!!

  7. maaah2:14 PM

    enuf with the red sox references n.b.


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