Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Game 82: Royals 8 Gil Meche....Done?

Will this jersey suffer the fate of Bob Wolcott and Russ Swan jerseys?

In 2003, Gil Meche was rolling. I had graduated from college in 2002, and, having worked for a year, I was ready to pony up the money for an M's jersey. The only question was-who do I get?

Ichiro? Nah. He's the superstar, but he doesn't do it for me like Griffey, Randy, or even ARod before he was evil.
Boone? No thanks. He's good and all, but the short-man disease is too prevalant.
Cameron? Love him, but so does everyone else.
Olerud? That's something a soccer mom would buy.

The decision was becoming difficult. If only it were 5 years earlier. It would have been Griffey in a heartbeat. I was home from Baltimore in June, and the M's were having a great year

It came down to two pitchers for me. Freddy and Meche. I loved Freddy. Still do. The guy is so great to watch when he's not imploding. But Gil Meche was looking like he was living up to the expectations that go along with being a first round pick and a stud pitching prospect.

I decided on Meche. When I bought the jersey, Gil was 10-3 with a 3.27 ERA. Over the rest of the season, he went 5-10 and his ERA finished at 4.59. In 2004, it was more garbage. He got off to such a rough start (1-5 6.97 ERA), he was sent down. When he was called up, he went 6-2 and lowered his ERA to 5.02.

Coming into this year, I felt like Gil Meche and Joel Piniero were going to be major keys to the success of this team. With the way Meche finished last year, I was expecting him to continue making strides towards being a good #2. The combination of Gil and Joel would rival any #2 and #3 in the league. Once the M's added an ace, the staff would be nasty. They were both young and would be a huge part of the M's future.

Unfortunatly, both of those guys have been inconsistent and frustrating this year. It's really disappointing. If it keeps up, and as I look at the starting rotation, I don't see anyone who would be part of the M's future plans. Sele and Moyer are probably done after this year, and Franklin is a decent 5th starter, but nothing worth getting too excited about.

In today's Seattle Times, you can tell that Hargrove is frustrated and Meche has no confidence. Pat Borders thinks he has ace stuff. Gil Meche and Joel Piniero-I am calling you out. STEP IT UP!!!

On a more cheery note, Beltre continues to get hot. The patience and singles hitting approach he took for a few weeks there has built up to some more power numbers. 4 HRs in the past 7 games. Now that's someone worth getting excited about. A core of Beltre, Reed, Lopez, Morse, Ichiro, Sexson, and now Snelling are what we should be focusing on right now. Willie Bloomquist also had a good game last night, and I wonder if a contender would be interested in him. He's got some speed and versatility on defense. He could be a nice addition to contending team, and worth considering as part of a trade package.

Oh, and Snelling is starting tonight.


  1. Meche could be good trade bait. Live arm, yet very inconsistent. However his upside is very attractive and teams I bet would be willing to work a deal for him. I am just thinking out loud though. You have to ask yourselves how much time is to much to bank on a guy who "Has Ace Stuff". We hear that all the time yet Meche still has yet to put it all together.

  2. Oh and I am looking forward to seeing Snelling tonight

  3. Trading him is a decent idea. Maybe move him to a team that has a talented young pitcher that is frustrating them as well. You see what happened with Ryan Drese after Texas dumped him. He's pitching well for the Nationals.

    I'd rather hold on to the young players at this point though. I wonder if the Giants would be interested in Meche in a deal for Schmidt? Thinking out loud is what we do here at Mariner Magic.

  4. maaah9:47 AM

    mike's favorite-meche...and my favorite-piniero-...are driving me crazy this year. i am even wishing we would have traded joel when everyone wanted him so badly when he started with us. but i am imagining trading one or both of them and watching them turn into stars somewhere else. what a familiar tune...M's fans watch the adolescent struggling of a player, give up and then see them blossom somewhere else. get your heads in the game you two and pitch like you can EVERY TIME!!

  5. lots of hoopla and rumors going around. I have heard anyhting from The Nats offering prospects for Eddie, to the Yankee's and Red Sox's showing interest in Boone, very exciting stuff. Ill keep everyone posted as new stories develope

  6. why would the nats want guardado? they seem to be looking for a bat.

    i cant believe that you didnt make the connection in your post, mike. you have cursed gil meche. dont you wish you had a charles gipson jersey?

    also, the rangers didnt expect anyone to claim drese off of waivers. i think it was a situation where he had to clear in order for them to send him down, and they assumed that would happen, but bowden jumped on him. so i wouldnt say they dumped him.

  7. Neddy Ballgame3:52 PM

    ..but Rangers could have pulled him off the waiver wire,right... but didn't
    ....maybe Chris i s right , perhpas we have here "the curse of the Mikey", hopefully it won; take 86 years to overcome it--just kidding !!!!!
    Yo Adrian finally appeared o n teh Safeco Field board--took 'em long enough..
    Patience Mariners MAgic loyalists---over the course of 4 years everyone gets the same amount of ice cream---this is the 4th year after 2001--so maybe 2006 is our year with the rest of this year setting it all up

  8. I like ice cream.

  9. I felt like the curse was implied.

  10. Drese was DFA'd as well. Just like our friend Bret.

  11. No!! Nate Mac! NOOO!! Come baack!!

  12. lol pete it is a sad day

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