Sunday, July 03, 2005

Goodbye Boone!

Boone has been DFA'd.

In ten days there will be no more bat flips, frosted tips, spastic 2-strike stance, helmet throwing after ground outs, and sadly deterioated defense at second base.

I like this move. It tells me the FO is being proactive and doing what they can to set this team up for the future. I am excited to see what Snelling can do.

We'll always appreciate the good years, but it's time to move on. Your thoughts Mariner Magic Faithful?

Good luck Bret.


  1. Oh and the M's win. Woo hoo. Just please make it fun again Mariners. Beltre's numbers in June:

    .321 BA, .391 OBP, .444 SLG

    USS Mariner has some more detailed numbers.

  2. Neddy Ballgame8:19 PM

    ..agree --Boonie was a big hit in 2001 and a fan favorite but ..geez,if he can't do it anymore,make the move --looks like a youth movement --can it work is biggest question--or more accurately can it work inthe short run for al of us desperate for a winner --a BIG winner--this born-and-raised-as-a-Red Sox Fan understands futility but getting close is name of game and we haven't been close to a World Series ,well...EVER !!!--never an AL flag to wave in Safeco as Blutarsky says in bottom of ninth whne we'r e behnd---"LET'S DO IT !! ..cutting Boone loose may hav ebben the first big step

  3. The youth movement is only going to work if there is a full commitment to it. That means Morse, Lopez, Snelling, etc. need to be playing regularly. No use in calling them up to sit on the bench. There needs to be a plan in place-is the goal to be in contention next year? 2007? Hopefully these are the questions Bavasi and co. are asking and trying to address.

    I wonder if the Snelling call up is a precursor to trading Winn.

  4. hink it is a pre-cursor to a trade involving Winn. Grover said he is going to play and lets face it he is not playing right field. Center is already involved in the youth movement so that leaves winn as the odd man out.

  5. OK so the M's and Ryan Franklin own the Royals. Yipee.

  6. easy there, Mike gotta believe. oh, wait...that phrase has already been taken.

    as for boone: somebody forgot to tell him that there is no crying in baseball. however, it was really nice to see someone that upset about leaving seattle for a change and able to say some nice things about his time playing here. hope he has a chance to play some more before it is all over. this has not been a nice way to leave a career.

  7. I for one will miss Boone.

  8. that actually made me feel a little bit bad about all my anti-bret boone rantings. i guess even though he is a steriod-taking pretty-boy, he does have feelings too, and he does love playing baseball.

  9. An Ode to Boonie will be coming up Monday. I can't believe I'm missing such pivotal moments in the oft-arduous history of our M's.

    Hi to all from Grass Valley, CA. Be back Sunday.


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