Thursday, July 21, 2005

No love for our boy

Jim Callis answered some questions on today. Take a look at the one about the Mariners shortstop depth.

He says, "It's still difficult sorting out the Mariners shortstop prospects, but I'll take another crack at it: Jones, Betancourt, Tuiasosopo, Cabrera, Morse (I think he's playing over his head in Seattle right now), Navarro."

Our boy Mikey Morse is 5th out of 6th on that list. I wonder if his defensive liability is going to push him to a different position. I still like Mikey's attitude and hustle. He's gotten some big hits too. He may not be the long-term answer at short, but I think he will be good Mariner for a while.


  1. apparently hitting .339 in 121 AB's is not good. I know he is hot right now and pitchers really are new to him but I mean he isn’t that new, there are scouting reports on him now. He is consistent, and his defense isn’t terrible. I think playing everyday will really test his D and help him over the long haul. I mean he has been with the big club now for 8 weeks, that’s a long time for it to be a total fluke.

  2. I think Betancourt is undeniably #1 on the Mariners list. Apparently a magician in the field. Needs to have a better eye at the plate.

    As for me: Betancourt, Morse, Cabrera, Jones, then the rest. That could change shortly if Jones learns to field (which is doubtful), because he is tearing it up at the plate.

    If Tuiasosopo makes it to the bigs, it won't be as an infielder, which means, he probably will not end up a Mariner; maybe a trade in a few years.

    Cabrera is also spectacular in the field, but several years away at the plate.

    I think Betancourt or Morse will be starting out of Spring Training next year.

    If Morse continues to hit, there's no way he'll be supplanted. If he falls off to .270 and doesn't hit in Spring Training, Betancourt will start the season with the M's.

    That's my quick thought.

  3. Adding on: I think Jones is a back up at second base if Lopez doesn't hit at short. I'm still waiting for Jose to start lighting it up a little.

  4. Apparantly Jones has a cannon for an arm and is an outstanding athlete. I wonder how he would project as an OFer.

    I'd love to Betancourt up in September just to see his defense. I've heard it's spectacular.

  5. Spectacular. I didn't want to be the only one who didnt use that word.

  6. Neddy Ballgame4:01 PM can bat .190 at short if you're a fielding wizard(see Mark Belanger--former Oriole) ..but its tuf for a poor fielding shortstop to stick at short even if he hits .300---its early with Mikey, I totally agree, but he can hurt us more then help even hitting well--does he have another position just in case he proves himself as a hitter?....Boonie said yesterday that "you;re born a shortstop..can learn other positions likie second"--was Morse born a shortstop??--and is that why we draft every SS in sight hoping to get another Omar?

  7. As soon as I wrote spectacular I noticed it had been used by other people.

    Yeah shortstops!

  8. O, and I gotta think Morse could play left or something. Who knows.


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