Thursday, July 07, 2005

Game: Royals Better than M's

Ok so the title may be stretching it a bit but this was a game that I think we are going to see repeated over the rest of the year. Lopez has to get work in the field and it showed last night with errors that resulted in unearned runs.

The name of the game on the offensive side seemed to be lets leave as many people on base as we can. The M's had runners everywhere but were unable to take advantage of that. Beltre and Sexson both hit into double plays ending potential rallies. But hey stuff happens.

As good as Sele has been, and he has been a surprise, its time to cut ties. I mean if your gonna commit to the future, which Sele is clearly not a part of, then let him go and lets get some fresh arms up here. It's time to bring up new guys let them get 4-5 starts. I do think though that when Bobby is ready that will be the end for Sele. I just want it sooner rather than later.

So anyway KC wins with Runelvys Hernandez as he allegedly changed speeds well. Apparently he has a dynamite changeup, which is clear from his 6-9 record and his miniscule 4.53 era.
But anyway, trade rumors are the thing I am most interested in. Last night rumors started of a Boone for Kyle Loshe trade, which I would do in an instant.

Lastly it was good to see Willie get more PT, its no secret that I am a fan of his like our buds over at USSMariner. Actually they hate him but he is hot right now so keep playing him!!! Oh and Bavasi is on KJRAM this morning it will be interesting to see what he has to say.


Bavasi brought very little to the table on the radio this morning. He said that they would undervalue a trade for Boone but their main intention is to find him a solid home. Yadda yadda, get something for him please, anything. He said that they are still trying to make the club better this year. I don't like that mentality. Sure try to get better, but do it in way where you are developing players. Anyway he didn't say anyhting I hadn't already read elsewhere.


  1. Boone for Lohse would be fantastic. I was expecting to get some no-name minor leaguer or overpaid veteran. Lohse isn't all that great, but he's young and can replace Sele in the rotation.

    I really think the M's are showcasing Willie. He would make a good late-inning pinch runner or defensive replacement for a contender. We saw what Dave Roberts did for the Red Sox last year.

    Travis and neddyballgame are competing for the most typos here on Mariner Magic. Zing!

  2. Oh and the Meche jersey post set the Mariner Magic record for most comments with 12. Nice work people!

  3. Hmmm.....Bavasi's playing hard to get, he's being coy, he's...OK I'll stop.

    I agree with Travis though. I mean I know it's what he should say, and what's he's supposed to say. He's trying to keep people coming to the games this year. I just hope it doesn't translate into bad moves.

    They're 16.5 games out and just lost a series to the Royals. 2005 is over.

  4. Neddy Ballgame1:09 PM

    ..yes 2005 IS over..and Nate leaves for the Trilblazers!!!--say it ain't so !!!

    Picture posts rock !!--keep it up Mike L

  5. wow, our father just said that the picture posts "rock"


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