Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Game 92 Blue Jays 12 Mariners 10

Watching the Bottom Line on ESPN today, I see that Miguel Olivo is 4 for 5 with 3 HRs in his career against Ted Lily, tonight's starting pitcher for the Blue Jays. So, naturally, Pat Borders got the start.

This game was definitely about offesne. It was an entertaing loss. Beltre and Sexson both homered, which is sweet. But for the Mariners this game was really about three bad pitchers. One who needs to go, one who needs to pitch once in a while, and one who will continue to receive venemous words from Mariner Magic.

The first is Aaron Sele. He's had a couple of nice outings, including a shutout against the Padres on May 22. But he was 0-4 with an 8.72 ERA over his last 4 starts going into tonight's game. Tonight he lasted 3 innings, gave up 6 runs on 6 hits. He also walked three guys. It's time to try something else with that spot in the rotation. A trade may happen, but for now I think it makes sense to bring up someone from Tacoma. Cha Seung Baek isn't exactly lighting up the minors, but he does have some major league experience, including a dominant performace last September 26th against the Rangers in which he went 8 shutout innings. Sele is old and isn't worth keeping on. It's too early to bring up Felix Hernandez. I say go with Baek.

After Sele was lifted, Shigetoshi "I pitch once every two weeks" Hasegawa came in. At one point Niehaus said, "that's five consecutive laser beams hit off Shiggy." Wow. Hopefully for Shiggy, he'll get traded to a team that will use him once in a while. I like him a lot, and still think he could be valuable to a contender that could use some bullpen help (can you say Boston?).

The third is Matt Thornton. He is garbage. I leave Matt Thornton out in the alley for pickup on Monday and Thursday mornings.

Two relievers have been DFA'd over the past couple of days. The first is Shingo Takatsu. He started the year as the White Sox closer, but hasn't panned out. I thought he may be worth considering for the M's, but then I looked him up and saw that he's OLD. The other was Alan Embree, the lefty setup man from the WORLD CHAMPION BOSTON RED SOX (that one was for neddy ballgame). Again, Embree's not young, so not worth going after. But those are two Sox teams that could very well be looking for bullpen help. I've proposed Shiggy, but Villone could be enticing to either of those teams as well.

Scott Spiezio has one hit on the year. Even the kid in little league with coke bottle glasses whose dad made him play and sat on the bench reading got more than one hit during the year.


  1. Scott Spiezio...not sure he should be batting in that spot. Pretty crucial at-bat. Borders already had a couple hits. About screamed when he just stood there on a belt-high strike three. Frustrating game.

    I liked the homers, and Snelling's double was fun.

  2. I have been singing the get rid of Sele song for a while. He's a nice guy but for crying out loud he is done!!!!! There are several guys I want off the team. Sele, Hansen, Spiezo, Olivo, Thorton, Winn and Shiggy. Each member has a replacement waiting in the minors.

    Our friends over at Mariner Morsels have been singing the praise of one George Sherrill for some time now so why not let him take Shiggy's spot. He should be ready to start throwing soon so that gives time to trade Shiggy.

    Next send Thorton back down, he needs to learn how to pitch!!! To replace him bring up Baek, he has some experience and could fill a long relief role or a spot starter.

    Olivo trade if you can but just stop playing him. He drops warm up pitches!!! At the game I was at on Sunday Olivo did just that at least 3 times, seriously what was wrong with Rivera?? Bring him back.

    Spiezo and Hansen can be released. They serve no purpose. Play Snelling, bring up Choo or someone else that you want to have some AB’s.

    Sele, just let him go and bring up a young arm, hey where the heck is Bobby Madritch he’s gotta be getting close right?

    Trade Winn, just make the move we have guys that need to take his place. I’m just frustrated as I am sure the front office is but for crying out loud keep making moves please.

  3. Madritsch is starting his rehab soon, so it's gonna be a while before we see him again.

    I'd also add Borders to the "gots to go" list. He can't hid, call a game, throw, or field anymore. At least Olivo is young. The fact that he didn't start last night with his history against Lilly is mind-boggling.

  4. Neddy Ballgame8:26 AM

    ....frustrating is right....I felt sorry for Shiggy- one hit after another after another after another....Hargrove looked more than frustrated in the dugout--he looked downright angry !!!--Snelling must play--as much as I like Randy Winn,he is not the future of the Mariners and using him in a spot role makes him a below average player--he needs to play as well so find him a good home..thanks for the Bosox props..we do not want Allan Embree though !..let's see if th epitchers come to the ballpark tonight !

  5. Winn could go to the Yanks as apparently they are interested in him Juan Pierre or Eric Byrnes. I gotta believe Randy is number two on that list above Byrnes. Pierre has to be the favorite but the Marlins might as a ton for him. For Winn I would want prospects, that’s all, we have guys that can take his spot give us some prospects, the problem with that though, The Yanks have little or no prospects. 11 Days till D-Day we shall see what happens.

    The only reason I keep borders is just incase they do get rid of olivo, Borders would be a really good guy to help Rivera learn more at the major league level.

  6. I think we could get better prospects if we traded Winn somewhere besides New York. Besides, who wants to help the Yankees anyway?

    People are talking about Griffey to the Yanks. I would cry if that happened.

  7. No that wont happen. The Sky would fall, pigs would fly, cats and dogs would live together. Is there a way we can bring griffey Home play him as our DH and move Raul to LF? Is that such a bad move? I'm starting it Meche and prospects for Griffey hahahahahha

  8. Apparantly the Yankees are on the list of teams Griff would OK a trade for. On ESPN they said Houston, LA, and Atlanta were on there too. I thought he said he'd never play for the Stankees.

  9. Was seattle on the list? Post the link to that article if ya don't mind

  10. It wasn't an article. I saw it on Sportscenter or something this morning. I don't remember who the guy was (it was Gammons or any of those guys), but he didn't mention Seattle.

    Isn't the point of trading Winn to give Snelling regular time in LF? If you move Ibanez to LF and trade for Griff, that defeats the purpose.

    Ibanez straight up for Griffey! Woot!

  11. i think Griffey is the exception to the Snelling rule. lol


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