Tuesday, July 19, 2005

More Moves that make you say.....HUH????

They sent Chris Snelling down to make room for Dave Hansen coming off the DL. Why do we even have Dave Hansen.

Taken from the Seattle Times:

"Hansen, who is hitting .194 this season, was placed on the DL with tendinitis in his left elbow on July 3. The 36-year-old was signed to a minor-league contract by Seattle on April 28 and recalled from Tacoma on May 4.
Snelling, 23, appeared in four games with the Mariners, going 0 for 5 with two walks. He hit .363 with seven homers and 40 runs batted in in 57 games at Class AAA before being recalled to Seattle."

Good thing we are playing for the future. Jesus this move makes me mad. I guess I could look at it this way at least Snelling will play everyday now rather than ride the bench. I mean 5 at bats??? Thats garbage play him if your gonna call him up. Release Hansen whats the point of having him seriously.


USS Mariner and Lookout Landing are both saying that Snelling never reported to Tacoma. In fact, he is in Toronto with the big club. This likely means that someone has been traded. Randy Winn? Interesting stuff......

Another Update:
Ok now it seems that Hansen wasn't really healthy enough to come off the DL. Snelling is just resuming his same spot on the bench.


  1. My only thought is that they want Snelling to be playing every day, and with Winn still here that's not gonna happen. If they started sitting Winn for Snelling,then they wouldn't be able to trade him for much. Patience. 12 days.

    I've read that Snelling was up this time just "to watch". Hmmm....OK.

  2. This really culd mean there is a trade brewing if Snelling is with the club. There would be no reason he would be with the club unless he was going to be recalled for whatever reason. Exciting time of the season!

  3. Guess we got our hopes for up for nothing. It still seems like if they want to commit to Snelling, then Winn would be moved.


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