Monday, July 18, 2005

New Trade talk

Jason Stark reported this morning that the hot name in trade rumors surrounding the Mariners is none other than Mike's Boy Gil Meche. He said that if the White Sox's lose out on AJ Burnett then it is very likely that they will go after Gil. Stark went on to say that the package offered was interesting, which included Jose Contraras and prospects. I for one would rather just get prospects and let them keep Jose, I think he’s garbage. Just a tidbit for ya I’ll see if I can dig up some more info later.


  1. I don't have a problem with trading Meche. I do have a problem with getting a 90-year old, garbage pitcher that wouldn't figure into any future plans.

    Meche has been inconsistent, and definitely lucky. But he does lead the team with 10 wins. Plus, he is young. If the M's are going to trade him, I want a major-league ready, young player. Not an old man and prospects. I doubt the prospects the White Sox would give us for Meche would be all that great anyway. We'll see. This is going to get interesting over the next 13 days.

    Anyway, Travis and I got to see the M's win in person yesterday. I love you Safeco field.

  2. I agree, get a prospect not an aged player.It's not like we are contenders this year. Bavassi needs to plan the future, not turn this club into a retirement home.

  3. I heard the same thing on KJR Trav. Stark also included Damaso Marte in the deal, which, for me, would be the most intriguing part of the deal.

    I'd hate to give up on Meche, but if we got a lot in return, fine.

    Better: Moyer for Marte and a prospect. That'd do me just fine. He could be the lefty anchor of the bullpen, making next year's six: Guardado, Soriano, Marte, Putz, Mateo, and Villone (if Eddie picks up his option). That's a dominant bullpen.


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