Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Lookout Landing says Snelling has been sent down for Dave Hansen. Good god-WHY?!

Travis and I were talking the other day and figured that the M's would stand pat at the deadline. As much as the non-moves of 2001-2003 pissed me off, I think that could take it to another level. There are certain, very tradeable, players on this team that aren't going to be any part of a successful run in the future. This Snelling move really makes me wonder whether they are going to make a move. Let's make it clear-I am a HUGE Randy Winn fan, but there are some major holes on this team that could be patched (not filled) by moving him. Moves need to made in order to improve the organization. Snelling has earned his chance to see what he can do with regular playing time in the bigs. I just can't believe they did this. WHAT IS THE POINT OF DAVE HANSEN BEING ON THIS TEAM?!!?!?

Okay that's enough venting for now. Prove me wrong Bavasi.


  1. Dave Hansen is valuable, he orders pizza, gives grover back rubs, hands teammates Bats and gloves, does their taxes. He is a quality guy to have around as his pitch hit strikeout showed last night. It no secret I think he is a pile along with Spiezo, Sele, Borders, and olivo.

  2. Here is that stat that you brought up about Sexson Travis:


  3. Neddy Ballgame11:08 PM

    went to tonight's 9-3 win as well as last night's awful loss ( first time I ever tore up my ticket at the ballpark after last out !!)..nice to give Jamie a 3-0 lead after one inning--he was on tonight ,for sure---can there really be a thought of dealing Moyer?--per Sweet Lou teams don't want a soft tosser for the second half--ask him exactly why,though

    ..will Richie hit first ball on to Royal Brougham Ave?--tjhought Jay Boy would have been the first but
    Sexson now has it in his sights--first homer tonight was 448'---
    also maybe Lady Luck is shining on the M's --teh CFer's drop of Beltre's fly ball resulted in 3 runs--when does that happen ?!?


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