Monday, July 11, 2005


At the last minute the Mariners Traded Brett Boone to the Minnesota Twins for a Player to be named later. Details are not very specific at this time but it is widely speculated that the Mariners will be paying most of Boone’s 4 millions plus salary still due to him. More information will be posted as I find it out.


  1. Anyone have any idea as to what kind of player the Mariners might get in the trade?

  2. I heard, and this is all still speculation, that it is a AA arm from the Twins system. A beat reporter for the Twins this morning said its going to have to be something decent due to how much the Mariners are paying. He also said the Twins are loaded, and possible have the best farm system in all of baseball so that is a good sign for the Mariners!

  3. I was hoping for a major-league ready arm, but a top prospect will do.

    How about Abreu? That was amazing

  4. Brett 'rally killer' Boone showed the Twins' fans what he was made of tonight. He went 0-4, with a sacrifice fly. Bwahahaha....oh wait we're still paying that salary...


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