Thursday, July 28, 2005

The Richie Sexson Show

Two bombs in last nights win. The first of which was a mammoth upper deck shot to left field. It is bombs like that, that really make you believe this guy could hit one out of the Safe itself. The second shot was really impressive as well as Richie went out deep to right center. He had fouled off several pitches and finally went with one the other way.

Secondly Moyer was really solid, in what could be his last start as a Mariner?!?! I doubt that but he shut the tigers down for 8 innings. Jamie has been solid pretty much all year, which is great and sad at the same time. You like to see Jamie Excel but at the same time you long for that guy to be Joel or Gil and not Jamie.

Back to the game, the Tigers dropped a routine fly ball that cost them three runs, which sort of summed up their game last night. They never really were in the game. Marroth didn’t have good stuff. He was out of the strike zone all night.

It was just good to see a win.

On a side note, this morning like I always do I listen to Mitch in the morning on KJRAM. They had a Twins beat reporter on who said in his opinion Brett Boone will not be with the twins after the trade deadline; not because he was traded but because he had been out right released. It is really sad to see this happen to Brett, his demise was fast and you really like to see a player go out with at least some dignity.

Any new trade news? No, I just have this feeling that they are going to stand pat. I don’t know why I feel that way but I do. Please prove me wrong......................


The USSMARINER is reporting something from the tacoma news tribune that I found really interesting, discuss

"The News Tribune also is the only paper that made it public that Felix Hernandez is going to start for the Rainiers on Saturday, after working out of the bullpen in scheduled relief appearances since his return from his bout with “bursitis”. Saturday is Bobby Livingston’s turn in the rotation, but he was assigned to Everett’s roster to make room for Jorge Campillo, who made his return to Tacoma yesterday.

Now, it may be a bit confusing as to why Livingston got sent to Everett, but its an on-paper move only, a way to clear a roster spot for a few days. A roster spot will reopen for Livingston this weekend when Felix Hernandez is recalled from Tacoma and joins the Mariner bulllpen. Saturday’s start is Felix’s last with Tacoma. He’ll go back to pitching scheduled relief appearances for the M’s during August, and then make several starts in September. "

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  1. Ah yes, Richie "Bottle Rocket" Sexson continues his hot hitting. I was sort of annoyed by that error last night. I mean Beltre's stats didn't get padded at all, and isn't that all that matters?

    So that Felix thing is really weird. Could they have been more non-chalant about the fact that he's coming up soon?


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