Friday, July 22, 2005

Sweep Jay's 6 M's 3

So the Jay’s swept the Mariners. Morse handled 4 consecutive outs to start the game giving everyone a big sigh of relief here at the Magic. However later in the game he made an erratic high throw that cost the M’s a run and on another grounder, which wasn’t ruled an error, he botched another play. It was just a rough series in the field for our boy. I have faith though that he will bounce back.

Joel said that this was the best he felt all season. I would be fired up about that if he had gone 8 giving up one and striking out 5. But instead with Joel feeling better than he has all season he goes 6 and gives up 5 while striking out 4. It may not be that awful of a start for young Mr. Piniero, but 5 runs is to many from a guy touted to be your number one starter.

Good things about the game are Richie Sexson who continues to be worth ever penny we gave him. David Locke of KJRAM broke down, using his insane stat talents, the top 3 most clutch players in all of major league baseball. It was something like the hitter’s average with men in scoring position combined with H.R.’s hit with men on base or something to that nature. The top three were Gary Sheffield, Manny Ramirez, and our Boy Richie Sexson. It was interesting to see that note and reaffirms how valuable Richie has been and will continue to be to the Mariners.

Tonight’s series begins with Cleveland a young team. You really have to love what Cleveland did a few years back, there consecutive sell outs were lost and the monster teams they rolled out year after year in the late 90’s and early 2000 were getting old. So what did they do? The dealt almost everyone for top prospects and had a very fast turn around as those prospects grew. They are now in contention, or at least challenging. Lets hope Mariner management has looked at their model and is at least applying some of their techniques.


  1. Joel continues to frustrate. Will he ever regain his old form? Expect more inconsistency as the youth movement continues. That's why I'm in favor of sending Meche and Piniero out there, and getting rid of useless old people like Sele and Borders. And I want to see Snelling!

    That's an interesting stat from David Locke. Most statheads say there is no such thing as clutch hitting, but I'm not a stathead so whatever. I always thought Locke was kind of obnoxious (I guess you have to be to be on sports radio) and not all that intelligent, but if he can find a way to put Richie in the same class as Manny and Sheff, I can't complain.

  2. Neddy Ballgame11:27 AM

    ..Big Daddy is right --patience,patience,patience..however its a virtue not many baseball fans have--or should they even ???(discuss among yourselves)...Mikey may not be a SS as I said yesterday...Sexson is worth the $$'s--now will Rocky(Yo Adrian) have a monster second half so we don't have to move Mikey to 3B...(yeah,think about that !!!--Ok now that you have, a very dumb idea!)..Jamie goes today --is this a showcase start or will he remain a Mariner forever and take Brain Price's job when he(Jamie) retires?

  3. I count 6 different topics that neddy ballgame mentioned in that comment. Not a linear thinker are ya neddy?


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