Monday, August 01, 2005

WOW stuff is going down!!!!

Sele..................GONE!!!!!!!!!!! On the heals of the trades the shake up in the mariner nation continues. Campillo is getting called up and it is widley speculated that King Felix is starting this thursday!!!! I am going to bar and I am going to take in every minute of his first start.

Rumors continue that the next shoot to kill shot fired by Bavasi is Shiggy. He could be gone as well by the end of the week. This is exciting stuff. Campillo is starting tomorrow and felix on thursday. Wow can't wait to see whats next.

Here is a tidbit from USSMariner:

"Before tomorrow’s game, the Mariners will recall Felix Hernandez, Jorge Campillo, and Jeff Harris from Tacoma. Aaron Sele, Shigetoshi Hasegawa, and a third pitcher (unconfirmed right now, hearing several names) are going to be waived. Hernandez will start Thursday’s games, though will be limited to 80 pitches, and he may not stay in the rotation, as the team is going to be very careful with his workload. "


  1. Neddy Ballgame11:28 AM

    ..maybe we don't ahve to wait until 2007 as Steve Kelley says toay in the Seattle Times...this yoth movement does add excitmetn and interest to rest of season--if only Joel could figure things out --with Sele gon e what do you think happens with Meche --think he is still a physical basket case and will /has never recover/ed from earlier injuries

  2. I guess Felix is ready. Wow. Two seasons in a row of cleaning up shop at midseason. I think Bavasi deserves at least a few years in office to see how this all works out. Contenders in '07? Maybe.

    Palmeiro and steroids-that may be worth a post.


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