Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Up the Middle-The Future is Now

Willie "I am either the best 25th man or the worst everyday player in the majors" Bloomquist has been placed on the 15-day DL. Don't get me wrong, I am not a Bloomquist-hater, and his grit is admirable, but he's not an everyday player. He's a great defensive replacement, and he's a great base runner. Thus, a great 25th man. But nothing else. It's not his fault that Mike Hargrove is the least creative manager ever and was struggling to produce from the 2-hole.

Jose Lopez is up. This is third time he's been up with the big club this year. His first two stints weren't overly successful, but he was raking at Tacoma.

This means we'll see a lot of the Betancourt-Lopez double-play tandom that, if all goes well, will be dazzling us for many years in SafeCo. Lopez is the hitter, and Ricky's a friggin magician at short which will give him a long leash while he works on his hitting. Yay.


  1. Neddy Ballgame7:00 PM

    ..and is Mikey Morse our 2006 everyday LF ?..or do we look for teh much needed power for at least one of our OF slots?

  2. Mikey Morse will spend 2006 in AAA, or contributing on another ballclub via a trade.

    Unfortunate but true. I think he's a good hitter, a nice athlete, and a cool dude, but I don't think there's room on the team for him unless they move either Reed or Ibanez, which I don't see happening.

    I hope we continue to play him the rest of the year so he becomes valuable as a trade piece.

  3. You're probably right Pete. If only his defense were better, he'd make a good utility bench guy.

    Hargrove (who I continue to loathe) keeps talking about playing him in LF. So play him in LF for God's sake! What is the worst that could happen? Maybe he could make his case to be the 4th OFer. Maybe it will be a disaster, but at least show us you're willing to try something new. Ugh.

  4. Yeah, let's just say I've been "a bit confused" by Grover's management of the young talent.

    To continue with Morse, I agree about the defense, and it would be nice to keep him around on the bench,...but then it would just suck to see a talent like that sitting around all the time - just like right now. For me to rest at ease, I'd like for to find a full-time gig here or somewhere else.

    Also, apparently the manager is a long-time reader...Morse was in left field tonight. Didn't really get anything hit his way...except for a shallow fly, which Betancourt sprinted out to where Morse was to catch it. It was absolutely hilarious. My favorite part of the game.

    Goodnight Mariner Magic.

  5. can't trade raul the team captain thats just folly. I just created the greatest fantasy football team in history so I am fired up

  6. I'd like to say 'say it ain't so' pwhit (concerning Morse) but I think you have hit the nail on the head about his role next year. There seems to be little interest in him from management. Why didn't they send him back to AAA when they decided to stick with Betancourt so he could keep playing everyday? What a waste of his time to be sitting around.

  7. I don't know maaah, it's exremely puzzling. I'm not sure there is an explanation other than "don't know what they are doing" or "stupid choice."

    I love out Betancourt-Lopez combo. Just wish there was somewhere Morse fit. I hope he finds a good home.

  8. Me like Mike Morse.

    If there is one team that should have a "captain" it'd be the "mariners".

    Get it? Eh? Eh?

    Maybe Raul can be the first mate.


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