Saturday, August 20, 2005

Spiezio = Goodbye

Many wishes have been granted. Scott Spiezio has been released.

2004-the offseason from Hell:
-Signed Rich Aurillia-CUT! 2004
-Signed Scott Spiezio-CUT! 2005
-Traded Carlos Guillen-ALL STAR! 2004
-Didn't sign Miguel Tejada-BEST SHORTSTOP IN THE GAME!
-Didn't sign Vlad Guerrero-MVP! 2004

One thing you can say about Bavasi-he knows when he's screwed up.

Maybe I'll "catch" on somewhere else. Or maybe I won't even catch this ball.


  1. Extrememly well put Mikey.

    I love how USS Mariner put it also: The starting infield of 2004, Spiezio, Aurilia, Boone, and Olerud, is gonzo.

  2. Goodbye to Scott "Son of Ed" Speizio. Maybe it's time for him to devote more time to his rock and roll career with Sandfrog. I'm glad Bavasi has given him that opportunity!

  3. maaah1:19 PM

    now if they will just take that m's commercial with him playing his bat like a guitar off the air...

  4. Neddy Ballgame1:38 PM how many AB's did Mikey Morse miss because of Spezio--oh well-

    --do any of you think we plan to sign Nellie for next year?--assume Shiggy is gone --is Sherril hanging on by his teeth because he's a southpaw?--

    M's get national publicity over the Frankilin,Price,Piniero,Beltre incident--or is it even worthy of being called an incident Steve Rushin's column in SI this weeek---I don't always agree wiht him but this time I feel he's right on --Pro Football is not worth the time it is given --as he says --have you ever been to a pro game in person and have to put up with the interminable delays--TV rules the roost in the pros--College Footbal is whre the action is on the gridiron--bit of course the thinking person's game is our National Pastime (because it allowed folks in its early years to "pass the time" )

    ..can't wait for thestart of today's contest wiht Felix taking the hill

  5. Like I said, the NFL knows how to market itself. It's definitely not the best sport to follow, but whatever.

  6. One of the best sporting events around is happening right now. The Little League World Series. Can't beat it.

  7. maaah8:21 PM

    wow! grand slams are good. and now we know that felix can calm himself down. go m's

  8. 115 pitches for Felix? Yikes.


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