Thursday, August 18, 2005

M's 11 Royals 5...Recap from MAAAAAH

One of the Mariner Magic faithful attended yesterday's game and is going to give us a first-hand look. Here's what MAAAAH has to say:
Thursday, August 18
Mike L. has picked the perfect game for Maaah to recap. This was the game to take a beginner to or to convince a newcomer that baseball can be fun. Overlooking the fact that the M's played a really horrible team that would have a hard time competing at the AAA level even, there were some great 'stand on your feet and cheer' moments. What a treat to see the bases loaded and Beltre make something of that opportunity by hitting a grand slam. When was the last time you saw that at Safeco? Usually that is an opportunity for a strikeout or two or three.

Certain fans leaving home from the Eastside were bundled up in sweatshirts and raingear, grumbling about wasting an afternoon freezing under the roof. The same fans were later to be found in the bleachers stripped to t-shirts and rolled up pants and sipping beverages to keep hydrated. What a day! Those same seats were the perfect angle to watch Moyer's pitches sail straight down the pike for strike after strike. What a beautiful sight. It was enough to make Maaah murmur after the game that resigning the guy for next year was probably a great idea. (Maaah has yet to be convinced to actually like Moyer, but she won't let personal opinion get in the way of admitting he is a heck of a pitcher. I know he is a Mariner Magic favorite, but as yesterday's comments prove, we all have different taste!)

So relax fellow bloggers and revel in a blowout without picking it apart and getting all bent out of shape about the flaws in the game. The park was filled with groups of very young fans from the Boys and Girls Clubs in the area. They all seemed to be having a great time and maybe we made some real fans out of some of them for the future. Remember when a baseball game was just a baseball game? Remember before the magic moments of '95 when you would take any great moment? Tomorrow you can go back to your analyzing...I'll be right there with you planning what to wear for the World Series run. I will probably choose my Piniero shirt. (I'm guessing PWhit doesn't have one of those.) Will Mike L. be wearing his Meche jersey?

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  1. Neddy Ballgame11:18 AM

    .what a post --let's add Maaah! to the rotation( I may be biased since I was one who had to shed sweatshirt to enjoy the sunny center field bleachers )...

    remember the days we went to Everett to get "..real grass.."( and I do not mean cannabis ! )--the Safe on a day like yesterday is a fan-maker..
    ..basebal is trulky the NAtional PAstime (and those KJR bozos are trying to push football already !!--let's hope we play .500 or better rest of season and stuff Locke's words down his throat about 2 90 loss seasons in a row !

  2. Football is way more popular, but baseball is such a better game.

    Baseball doesn't know how to market itself, and the strike and steroids hurt badly, but it'll be back.

    Cannibis? Neddy-wow.

  3. I agree Mike. I love baseball more than all of the other professional sports, but it sure feels dirty to call it the national past time. As you say, it is the greatest game, but football sure makes it look stupid.

  4. Let's give maaah some props! Very eloquent stuff. This is why baseball is so great, you can just go the park and enjoy it for what it is, regardless of how bad the team is or anything else.

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