Wednesday, August 03, 2005

31 year old Harris Shines

Campillo got the start last night, and after giving up a double, completed his first inning of his first major league start. Something was wrong though. Team trainers along with Grover and BP hovered around the kid in the dugout after the first. Watching the Telecast you could clearly see Grover turn to BP and say, "Get someone up." So the call was placed.

Now imagine yourself in Harris's shoes. Your 31, you have been in baseball all your life. You have bounced around from minor league teams to independent leagues. All this time trying to realize a dream you have had since you were just a kid. Finally you get the call to pack your bags, your going to the show. Giddy as can be you hop on a plane and fly to Detroit to join the Seattle Mariners. You sit in the bullpen taking in the sights and sounds of a major league park. You've been before but it’s different now. Today you’re the ticket, you’re wearing the uniform and people are pulling for you to succeed.

Harris was happy just to be sitting there in the bullpen. Then it happened. Bullpen coach Jim Slaton hung the phone up turns to Harris, "Get up. You've got the next inning." At this point do you even have time to get nervous in a situation like that?
When asked about that Harris said "It all happened so fast, I didn't have time to think about it," and that is so true. He had a short top half of the second, which featured a Beltre blast to put the Mariners up one. Enter Harris. Sweat on his brow, butterflies in his stomach he methodically worked the bottom of the 2nd 1, 2, 3.

Harris proceeds then to go another 4 strong innings allowing 3 hits and no runs. 2 of the three hits came in the 3rd, which was his only trouble inning and by trouble I mean 2 on and 2 out, so nothing to terrible. The big key was that Harris threw strikes. He had zero walks, Meche, Joel did you watch that?? Zero Walks!! A fast worker he didn’t get intimidated by anyone. Firing strike after strike and letting his defense play. After all most of them he had played with before and you could tell he trusted them.

Upon compellation of the 6th inning in what was another 1,2,3 inning for the 31-year-old rookie, he received the quintessential pat on the ass from Grover and high fives around from his teammates. Had this happened at the Safe Harris would have left to a standing ovation on the first base line as he entered the Mariners dugout. A scene that surely would have given him chills. Harris left with not only a solid pitching performance but a 1-0 lead that gave him an opportunity to get his first win.

Mateo promptly let Pudge go opposite field in the leagues largest ballpark to tie the game. Opposite field................ It’s ok though Pudge is awesome and Mateo has been very solid all year long.

The youth movement paid off in the 8th as Reed lead the inning off with a single. Hansen then; still playing for the M's.........I sound myself asking where is Choo, and where is Dobbs, laid down a sacrifice bunt to get Reed to second. Reed then did a veteran like move and recognized that the third basemen was not at third. With no hesitation he rounded the bag at second and full of steam headed to 3rd. The throw from Shelton at first was wide and even with Reed over sliding the bag he was able to get his hand back to it in time before the tag of Rodriguez covering third in full catchers gear.

A walk next to Wiki put runners on the corners with 1 down. Up comes Yuniesky Betancourt, a miniature brick house. Yuniesky Promptly doubles in Reed to put the Mariners up 1 again. The tigers Walk Ichiro, and a pop up later brings my vote for Captain of the team to the plate, one Raul Ibanez. Raul did what he has done all year, deliver in the clutch. He singled in Wiki and Yuniesky Betancourt giving the Mariners all the runs they would need to pick up a well-deserved victory.

The youth are here and they are exciting to watch. Congratulations go out to MR. Harris for a Job well done, and at least this fan hopes you get another shot.


  1. Day One of the New Era is a success. That's awesome for Harris. Regardless of anything else he ever does, he'll hold on to that memory forever.

    Yunkiesky....he might be our boy now too. He and Mikey.

  2. Anonymous6:40 AM

    Another indy sign if it wasnt for kerfelds indy signs to are staff.....oh thats right they let him go another bavasai classic....let bavasai go pleeeeeeeease


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