Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Go to SafeCo tonight

The 2005 Mariners have not been to follow. The Future, The Franchise, The King is on the hill. Go to SafeCo. I would I didn't live 3000 miles away. WOOT!


  1. we will represent you proudly.
    (there are jobs available in seattle too)

  2. I will be there also, fingers clasped into the mini chain links in the bullpen viewing area, snapping pictures like a crazy man.

  3. Pete make sure you post some pictures on here. Like Run DMC, I'm Down with the King!

  4. Ordered MLB TV for the night so I get to watch this.

    FILTHY!!! He is good..

  5. After 3 innings-39 pitches, 29 strikes.

  6. now that was some baseball! so glad i got to see that.

  7. Neddy Ballgame10:31 PM

    WOW..WOW...WOW !!!!!--Felix is the real deal---command,control,poise, ...98 mph fastball ..2 on no outs--who cares--was certainly glad to be there in person---very small crowd --they missed a terrific game and what could be the start of something very good for Mariner fans..and what about the other youngsters --Jeremy hits a 2 out Double and Yuniesky does him one better with a 2 out TRIPLE !!!!! for only run of game --don;t see very many 1-0 games in the American League --or ANY league for that matter
    ..take a look at the M's last 5 games --what is not to like ( yea ,I know a 4-run inning from Gil --hope he was watching closely tonight --you have to throw STRIKES with ALL your pitches just as Felix did tonight!
    baseball is such a funny game --patience ,as I've said here many times , is the key to a baseball fan's sanity --but tonight was INsane--Felix the CAt reigns


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