Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Bill Bavasi Interview -- Felix Baby!!!

As I do every morning I listen to Mitch in the Morning on Sports Radio KJRAM. This morning they have Bill Bavasi and Mitch got right to the point. Where is Felix he asked. Bavasi replied with Campillo will start tonight, then Meche, Then Felix on Thursday. Mitch asked then if Felix would be with the team for the rest of the year to which he replied that was their intention with this move. As long as he is learning at the big league level he will remain here Bavasi said.

This is some good stuff, they went on to talk about the deals. Yorman Bazardo, the Marlins guy, is going to be a starter in Seattle. Bavasi said that there is an outside shot we could see him this year but most likely next year. The ceiling on this guy is huge and that is what Bavasi liked about him.

Next its the most intriguing deal, the one that included Foppert. They need to work with him but for now he is going to AAA and they are gonna begin stretching him out. Once he gets some arm strength he will be starting and the will go from there. He has a tremendous arm but mediocre control, I read Matt Thornten here, but lets hope they can work some magic.
He talked about Olivo, I don’t care about this he's gone that’s good.

Bavasi won’t talk about trades not made. He was adamant on this part which is unfortunate because I really wanted to know if the reported players from Houston were the actual ones. Chris Burke would have been a NICE PICKUP!!!! Anyway I love Jamie so I don’t fault him for exercising his right.


  1. Foppert was the top pitching prospect in baseball in 2002. What I like about the moves is that Bavasi stocked up on young arms. They may not all turn into studs, but it's a good way to build up your system.

  2. That is a great picture of Felix by the way.

    Jeff Clement has already been promoted to Wisconsin.


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