Sunday, August 28, 2005

Felix and Freddy

According to today's Seattle Times, Felix and Freddy Garcia are good friends.

The pessimist:
1) Freddy and Ozzie Guillen are going to recruit Felix to play for the White Sox in a few years.
2) Freddy...he, uh, see, he's not the best role model.

The optimist:
1) Freddy seems to have gotten himself together. He can show Felix which road not to follow.
2) They talk about everything BUT baseball, so Freddy' won't rub off on Felix.

OK so this isn't that interesting. But anything Felix-related is always more interesting than anything else that's going on in Marinerland lately.

Willie Bloomquist is hitting .229 over the last 30 days. Why does he bat 2nd everyday?


  1. Neddy Ballgame8:03 PM

    who else should bat 2nd??..shoudl Yuniesky play 2nd and Mikey play SS ?..put back to second ?
    ...not sure Willie is the worst option at 2nd --in both field and plate...more worried about Sexson's vision and Adrian's knee....Jamie as an M in 2006 ?--he has my vote

  2. The point is that Bloomquist is not producing batting 2nd, so wouldn't it be worth trying someone else in that spot? It certainly couldn't hurt.

  3. The bigger point is the complete lack of creativity from Hargrove. I'm sure the argument would be that he doesn't have much to work with. So, what is he just throwing his hands in the air everyday and using that as an excuse? The M's fell to a season-low 20 games below .500 last weekend, and yet he stills runs the same lineup out there everyday.

    Another argument may be that by doing creative, borderline-crazy things to the lineup that would look like he is throwing in the towel. Well I think it's a bigger sign that he's packed it in when the team is sucking and he doesn't do anything to try and change it.

    Bat Ichiro second for all I care. Lead off with Yuniesky. Whatever, anything. I don't have a problem with Bloomquist like many people seem to have. He is probably the best option at 2nd base until Lopez is called back up. But things aren't working right now and I'd like to see Hargrove do some outside of the box thinking.


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