Monday, August 08, 2005

Dull weekend in Mariner land

Pineiro avoided going to the minors by pitching a fairly solid game, going 6 and a 1/3 innings and striking out four. I think he only did it cause he went against Garcia who is like his best friend. Moyer pitched well too, he is so constant no matter how old he is getting. I would like them to bring him back next year cheap and just let him throw, he eats innings and keeps you in ballgames.

Jeff Harris I felt pitched well enough to get another opportunity. But from hearing Grover I am not totally sure he is going to get one. That’s unfortunate but I’m not paid to run the team he is so not sure how much a fuss I can raise. I would like to see spezio, shiggy and hansen gone now please. Why are they still here?

I don’t have much to say, let me get a good look at tonight’s game for a more in-depth post tomorrow, then of course Tuesday is the biggey of course as the King is making his 1st home start, that is exciting stuff. How energized will that crowd be???


  1. Hey Trav, you going to the game?

  2. If you are, meet you by the bullpen before the game to watch the King warm up.

  3. I wish I was going but I can't I have some other stff going on but I am going to catch most of the game on the tube

  4. Neddy Ballgame11:50 AM

    we"ll be there--thought we mioght have seen Booonie as well as Felix but no soap---intersting to see what kind of crowd we get tonight...will the real fans show up??

    last 4 games have should give us heart---one runnish games --pitching held up---not a bad sign

  5. Should be in the 35k to 40k range I think. There were 15,000 tickets left a few days ago, so some of those should've been snapped up right now as the Felix hype continues....


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