Monday, August 29, 2005

Team captain and our new "Boy"

Sitting with Pete Friday night at the safe we got to talk. Me approaching 3 sheet to the wind, and Pete sober and ready to rumble, began to argue about the team’s captain. We no longer have one, was the only thing we could agree upon. Pete felt that the team did not need one, or if they did it should be anyone other than who I suggested.

Slurringly I blurted out Raul Ibanez. Everytime Raul came up to plate I jumped up and shouted Team Captain time to get’er done!!!

Seriously though Raul is the constant professional and lets face he is the teams most consistent guy. He is the first guy to diffuse any situation. Take the game a while back when Betencourt was pissed for being drilled by Millwood. Raul was the first guy out there to calm him down. Raul gets along with all his teammate’s. Even Ichiro has a soft spot for good ole Raul. The pair teach each other languages. Raul learns Japanese while teaching Ichiro Spanish.

Look they guy has put in the time, gone through the system and proven he is a quality major league player. The young guys listen to him and it is a roll I think he has fallen into already. Richie is not really interested in that roll and neither is Bletre. My vote is for Raul!

On a second note Pete and I have deemed a new boy to join Morse here at Mariner Magic. He is none other than Mr. Hustle Yorvit Torrealba. Every time I watch him play I am impressed. He is fast and hustles. He seems to have a moderate stick, which is a bonus. I always say any production you get from catcher is a positive. Clearly this is a guy we can count on till Clement is ready. Plus his name is really fun to say.



    Yes, the stuff legends are made of.

    Great time at the game Trav. Our conversations were both fruitful and classic.

  2. Raul for captain? I gotta agree with Pete on that, I don't see the point of it. That whole captain thing is reserved for players like Jeter and Varitek who have been with their team for years.

    I would like to see Beltre in that role (not "roll" like you eat)in a few years. Here is an article from the P-I about how Beltre has grown as a leader:
    Beltre es muy bueno

  3. New first base coach Jay Buhner.

    Er, wait. They promoted Jeff Goff instead of bringing Buhner on board.

    Nevermind. shakes head, rolls eyes, and walks off into the sunset...

    I agree that team captain in baseball is a little bit of an unnecessary title. This discussion wouldn't have to take place if our freakin' manager would act like a leader! Quick -- someone phone Hassey; I see Hargrove noddin' off in the dugout again!!!!

    Ibanez is clearly a leader, as is Moyer. Beltre's coming into his own, and finally starting to make this team his. When he does, though, watch out! He'll carry this team on his shoulders. If Hargrove hadn't left him in the 3-hole so long, this team would have had a bit more run production. It's Hargrove's frustrating stagnancy that's really dragging this team down. We knew he's a by-the-book manager, but I didn't think it was THIS bad!

    I still say we need Buhner somewhere in this clubhouse. Neither as manager, nor even hitting coach, but I'd take him as one of the base coaches. That'd be my captain!

  4. I may be changing my tune. Travis did point out that Ibanez is bald when we were talking. That's an important quality.

  5. Mike, I countered with Beltre as well. I think Beltre is a good one to relate to for our predominently Latin infield of the future. If he's producing like he should, he's the perfect leader for Betancourt and Lopez, and the rest of the players on the team.

    I'm still holding desperately to the thought that he'll be the best offensive player on the team for the next four years...

    Let's face it, if he's not, the next four years will continue to be miserable, because I don't see another superstar on the horizon.

  6. That's true, being bald is key. I like that. I like that a lot...

  7. I forgot to mention I fully support endorsing Yorvit here. Mainly for the name, but whatever.

    I saw the funniest thing on the Mariners official site the other day. The caption for the video clip of Yorvit's
    home run said...

    "Tag! Yorvit!"


    Pete I support you on the Millwood front by the way, but that's a topic for another post.

  8. Neddy Ballgame11:25 PM its beat up on Grover day ,eh??--he was more than a little animated at tonight's game with good ol' Thorny after the Giambi blast--at the game and I said .."here comes Thorny ..wil it be the thrill of victory or the agony of defeat tonight ?"--well it was the latter ,of course -- a guy who throws mid-to-high 90's trying to nibble at JAson Giambi--we saw who got bit .

    This talk of CAptain is ,no offense , a bunch of hot air ( but then this whole blog idea is hot air ,right ?--isn;t that what it s supposed to be?)...Baseball Captains evolve and aren't forced onto a team--not sure its evolved here in Seattle yet--although I agree RAul approaches the evolution ( do we have to use creationism or intelligent design criteria as well?)--guess things are so bad that we search for stuff like a Captaincy when we shoudl be searching for starting pitching

  9. neddy

    Hot air???? Anything I say is important!!! J/K

    Raul jsut is a solid guy and I need to have a Solid guy in my yard since franky has really let me down. Before recently I could really back franky and make valid arguements as to why I like him, but recently i cant really do that.

    Raul is not a guy that I have to worry about screwing up. Yorviet....Pete was laughing at me in my drunkin stupor at the game cause I was wondering if he was related to Jessica alba, Torrealba--->alba. Huh anyone? anyone?

    Oh well maybe not. It doesnt matter cause she is second on my list, Second to the future mrs big daddy Jessica Beil!! I love her

  10. Neddy Ballgame2:35 PM

    ..I get it ,I get it Jessica/Tore Alba--..poor Franky--he is REALLY on Hargrove's s___ list ,isn't he --even so far as suggesting he may be dropped from rotation !....too freakin' many Yankee fans at game last night --I was good --didn't wear my "Yankees Suck" shirt--but they were all around us and I was getting a little perturbed ..their ability to get away wiht their obnoxiousness was discussed earlier ,I know,..we're too nice in Seattle--there'd have been numerous fisticuffial confrontations had this been Fenway

  11. Franklin is on everyone's ____ list.

    We really need a new topic.


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