Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Humbly, At Your Service...

His Royal Highness.

Award-winning photography provided by Mariner Magic: Refusing To Lose.


  1. Lets not talk about why we can't hit an average pitcher like Kyle Loshe. Lets not talk about defensive lapses on routine plays, *cough* Beltre *cough*. Let's not Talk about taking Called strike three Richie.

    Let's talk about A king of men. The Freak that is Felix "King" Hernandez was Simply put incredible last night. 97-98 mph fastballs from the 1st to the 8th. 5 hits allowed, 6 stikeouts and absolutely no walks.

    He was so good last night, on the telecast Fairly and his stupid facts did for once point out something interesting when he drew a line on the screen and asked Dave to tell him how many times Felix Threw a pitch above that line. They re-ran an inning and not once did any of his pitches go above that line. He was keeping the ball down. His command of every pitch was uncanny. The Curve ball is just sick. It breaks hard and late. If your the batter down 02- fagetaboutit.

    With every start Felix will make the rest of this season I grow more anxious for 06'. With him and the young core we have, I think we are just a piece or two away. 1 more arm and one more bat.

    Exciting stuff I wish I could have been there but maybe I will go Monday against KC that’s the King's next start

  2. So many decisions to be made still, but Felix is definitely helpful. I agree need a huge bat, and one huge pitcher.

  3. That was absolutely masterful.

    Great pics P Whit!


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