Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Sometimes I just don't know what they are thinking

Ok so a while back we were all excited about the Matt Thorton trade. found here

Well today the marlins Claimed Joe Borchard off waivers from the mariners. Borchard was who we traded thorton for. SO essentially we gave thorton away now without even really giving Borchard a look. Well he is gonna get a look in Florida. I’m not so much pissed that thorton was given away I didn’t want him but the fact that they just give up on the guy they got for him so soon is absolutely insane. With the struggles in Center Field that they have had this year don’t you think trying out Borchard made just a tiny bit of sense? Even if it was just for a week?


  1. Yeah it's annoying to not get anything for Thornton. But, I mean, should we really have expected to?

    You know the thing is even if they had held onto Borchard, you know he wouldn't have played. Lawton never plays, and Hargrove puts in freaking Bloomquist to play CF all the time.

  2. Neddy Ballgame4:59 PM

    Willie gets no credit ,does he? it really that bad to see him in the outfield..I'm not on the Bloomquist bandwagon but so far he hasn't hurt and actually has been an improvement over poor jeremy Reed..the Lawton situation I do not understand,though...he seems like a McLemore to me --put him in and he hits.. Borchard just wasn't going to fit especilly with the AAA talent we have in the wings...still liking our mound staff, its the heart of the order that needs a wake up call..Maybe Adrian has broken out ..we'll see
    ..Freddy in a few mimnutes..let's get to him early and rattle him

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