Friday, May 26, 2006


M's lose. Two G** D*** hits? Really, what am I supposed to say about that? I'm not saying anything about my boy Gilbert. There's no chance I'm going to jinx him.

But, I'm at the point where anything I would be writing about the Mariners would be forced. Sure, they're 3 games back. But, they're freaking 22 and 27. You can't ignore that. Look at the starting pitching. All of these guys (except for Felix) are veteran, mediocre guys who you're going to have to score at least 5 runs for in order to win. The bats have potential, but seem to be very streaky. Harldy a team that scares anyone. But, maybe a team that can win 80 games. Coming into the season, that's what I was hoping for, and that with a couple of offseason moves, they could be playoff contenders in 2007. The problem is, I'm not sure what to get excited about in the here and now. Sure it's fun to win a few series here and there, but every good team the Mariners have played has beat them down. So why get overly excited? If in September this team is showing signs of being good in 2007, then it might be fun again.

We've been slacking here, and the posters have too. But, can you really blame us? This brings me to the subject of obligation. I'm finding myself only posting this right now because I feel obligated. To what thought? I don't know the answer to that question. I guess I feel like if you're going to make the committment to start a blog, then you should be adding to it regularly.

We started this blog because we love the Mariners. That hasn't changed, but I'm having the hardest time finding the motivation to say interesting things about the team. So, the question is-do we keep making new posts out of pure obligation/committment, or do we only make posts when we truly have something interesting to say? I guess it's just a hard time to be a Mariners fan, and we'll have to be patient. I don't feel like less of a fan because I don't run to my computer as soon as the M's lose 2-0 to a craptastic pitcher and a craptastic team. So, you should expect to see less posts here (from me at least), but when I do post I will be sure to make it meaningful.


  1. a dark and bitter turn for marinermagic. sort of like harry potter. maybe there is a connection afterall.

    how about jose lopez? isn't he worth getting excited about? the guy has scored more points against me in my fantasy baseball game this week than albert pujols and travis hafner have scored for me.

  2. Neddy Ballgame10:34 AM

    "I feel your pain"...since life and baseball are really the same thing,we have our ups and downs;one of the best expression from baseball that applies to life is:
    " win some ,you lose some,and some are rained out ...but you suit up for them all "
    this doesn't imply an obligation to post a blog entry (Mike L made me nervous that he was going to quit teh blog business altogether!) but it does suggest an obligation to be true to your team- regardless of a lousy loss when giving up only 4 hits - and only one after 3rd inning.
    This is a bad time for the rebels and while the empire has struck back , its only temporary -keep your light sabers at the ready -may the force be with you !

  3. No no. Not quitting. But I am bitter dammit!

    Jose Lopez is definitely worth getting excited about though.

  4. Neddy Ballgame2:57 PM

    Bitter is OK --(its apathy that's not)--gets the juices flowing ...make s you look for the sweet ( making lemonade out of lemons) like Lopez---Stuff the All Star ballot box to make him a starter !!!!--get out the word --on the net at eh games !!

  5. maaah7:23 PM's just worth reading the blog to come across a word like 'craptastic'. if nothing else, you are practicing writing skills for that day when you will have the opportunity and the nerve to send a piece to SI! that is someday when the M's are something to write about.

    the M's feel like background music right now...hopefully they will swell into an aria sometime in the future. but i would miss at least having that hummm as a backdrop to the summer. keep on a-bloggin'. it's fun stuff to read.

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