Monday, May 15, 2006

Am I crazy....

To think that this series with the A's is really important? After beating down the Angels with all sorts of round trippers, the M's trail the Athleticos by two games for second place in the division. Two out of three and they're one back. Sweep and they're in second place. Maybe even first depending on what the Rangers do. Clearly, it's early. But, I'm looking at the schedule and I see a lot of winnable series coming up. The Padres, Orioles, Twins, are sandwiched by the A's and Rangers. Now that I say that, I think the rest of May could prove to be crucial to the M's season. If the M's took every series (without sweeping), they would be 28-27. That's going into a June schedule that includes the Royals, Twins, the NL West, and the A's and Angels (who they own by the way.)

I don't know, I'm probably reaching, and I'm definitely getting waaay ahead of myself. I said it before, and I still believe that the A's are the team to beat in the AL West. They made the M's look silly the first time around, and it's payback time. A baseball season is a marathon, but every game, every series counts. And I think this is the biggest one of the year. Go Felix go Felix go!


  1. Either you aren't crazy, or you and I both are crazy. I thought it was a tremendously important series, and that if we didn't win a couple of ballgames in Oakland it might be very difficult for this Mariners team to recover. Some momentum was created in Anaheim, as the Angels appear to be almost as bad a ballclub as we are, and we caught them at a good time. However, I have come to the sad realization that our hitting is pathetic. Optimism simply can't win out any more for this season, not in the face of the ugly realism that is the M's at bat.

    Ichiro is beginning to heat up, finally, Ibanez has been steady, and Lopez has been a pleasant surprise. I honestly beileve Carl Everett has done an admirable job. The rest of the team? Ach du lieber!! The rest of the roster is painfully average, if not slightly below that.

    I think Reed will start hitting again, and I think Betancourt will continue to improve at the plate. I'm not sure about Johjima, or our high-priced guys Beltre and Sexson.

    So what do we do? Punt? Oops, wrong sport. The team is actually quite a ways from being on life support, because we still aren't that far out of first... but DANG IT...

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