Thursday, May 04, 2006


If Eddie Guardado closes another game for the Seattle Mariners and Mike Hargrove isn't sent packing immediately after he blows another game for the team....I'm not sure what I'll do but it will definitely involve throwing something and cursing. Mike-get it through your head, the guy can't close anymore. He doesn't have the same stuff he used to and his arm is about to fall off. I got myself all fired up with the comeback in the 8th, only to have Eddie do it again. Add last night's performance to this one against Texas, this one against Boston, and this one last week against the White Sox, and you've got a trend. Turn those three losses into wins and the M's are a game above .500

Forget his grit, toughness, clubhouse presence, blah blah blah. Eddie Guardado isn't very good anymore. Putz has been lights out this year. Give him the closer's role. This isn't like those teams in the 90s in which the entire bullpen was a ticking bomb. There are other options. It's time for the Mariners to take the Boston route. They realized that Foulke couldn't get it done anymore and gave the closer role to the young stud.

4.5 games back. The Rangers have been hot but no one's running away with the AL West yet. The problem is fixable. Take action Mariners.


  1. By "those three losses" I meant last night, the Texas game, and the Boston game. Eddie got lucky agains the ChiSox last week.

    Felix today.

  2. In fairness to Eddie, I don't dislike him. He was maybe the best player on the M's during the last 2 years of garbage. I do like Eddie, and I don't want to see him suffer anymore. Make him a setup guy.

  3. And the influence of Mariner Magic shines again..

  4. Neddy Ballgame12:11 AM

    "These are the times that try men's souls..these are the times that make men bold.."somebody said that about the American revolutionaries I think..or was it about Red Sox fans and now Mariner fans......this si time to suck it up and be loyally vocal--as Mariner MAgic is/has ben--look,Grover has gone to a closer by committee--not sure best solution but at least actions...hang in there MAriner faithful all is not lost in this weird AL West

  5. you have to think that the m's were giving eddie every chance to show some trade value, and that's why they left him there so long. especially since soriano has been waiting in the wings, ready to be awesome, for so long.

    mike's point about those 3 games really does show the value of a good closer. add 3 to the m's win total and take 1 away from the rangers, and the m's are sitting a game out of first this morning.

  6. Neddy Ballgame7:55 AM

    hmmm...the math all makes sense ( and by the way didn't he blow 4 savesin a row but they came back to win one) but Moneyball says closers are a dime a dozen and coming up wiht a good one is not that big a deal --hence put Soriano or Putz in the roe was pathetic watching Eddie come in the 9th last night when we were behind by 6 runs..he and the M's deserve better ..Edie hs been great for us and the Twinkies in his career..let's have a little more grace on what may be hte end of his career !!

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