Monday, May 01, 2006

Good weekend

Well I'd love to do an extended recap of the weekend in Baltimore, but the parents have been in town, and we've been busy saving Darfur, so it's been tough for me to find a chance to get to it.

But, I was at Friday and Saturday's games in Bmore with the fam and some friends. Friday was no good. It was just one of those games that had nothing special about it. The M's were never really in it, and never really out of it. The Meche jersey obviously didn't work. Plus we were surrounded by Red Sox fans, who are have gladly taken the baton from Yankee fans as the most obnoxious in baseball. They were actually doing a "Yankees suck!" cheer at the game. Are you kidding me? Maybe those two teams should just join their own league so they can play each other every day and be really childish and obnoxious with each other.

Saturday was much better, although it didn't seem like it at first. Felix was struggling pretty badly, but still showed flashes of the brilliance that is going to make him a dominant starter for years to come. His ability to induce the ground ball is uncanny I say! I even found myself hoping Ramon Hernandez would hit a grand slam at one point because it would help my fantasy team and I figured there was no way the M's were going to win anyway. But, the bats exploded. And Beltre homered!!!!

I didn't see any of the game yesterday as we were in DC rallying to stop genocide, but....nice! Two series in a row is swell.

I've decided I can't let myself get too high about wins or too low about losses at this point in the year. On the one hand, the M's have looked terrible at times. On the other, they're 2 games out of first place. It's too early to be super negative, and too early to be overly positive. I just can't get a read on this team. I can't figure out how good or bad they can be. Let's see what May brings.


  1. Yes this weekend was a nice one for the M's. I was looking at their schedule they are 4-4 in series. It just so happens that the series they lose they lose big, i.e. 1-3 or 0-4 that kind of thing.

    Beltre has had a few nice AB's over the past little while, time wills till tell if he can bring that average up around .300. Jose Lopez is consistent like Raul and I love it. Yuni hasn’t made an error all year, unless he did after I stepped out for a little while during the game last night. Things seem to be turning around.

    Never heard of dafur mike. That name makes it sound like an animal rights protest. But then I read a few blurbs and found out its much more than that.

    Here is hoping for a series win today which might be next too impossible when we go against santana. However he hasn’t pitched well this year as of yet.

    OH! One last thing, yesterday the mariners beat and beat soundly a pitcher they have never seen before!!! Those loyalist will understand how special that really is!!!

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